Introducing theSchool Bytes / GO Integration

The integration between School Bytes and Life Skills GO brings critical data, metrics, insights, and evidence-based, trauma-informed, and curriculum-aligned resources to schools, helping educators make data-led decisions about student wellbeing. It also allows schools to measure the effectiveness of their wellbeing programs for the first time.

The more actionable data points educators have to work with, the better equipped they are to identify patterns and implement targeted interventions, creating a positive impact on student wellbeing and academic performance. This further provides context for what is needed to work in a preventative space.


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Real-time, actionable measurement of emotional state and readiness to learn

  • Provide educators with the tools to monitor, measure and report students’ emotional state and readiness to learn all from the attendance roll call in School Bytes.
  • Helps students learn how to identify, communicate and manage emotions, creating a common language and giving agency to students.
  • Enable teachers to move into a preventative space and reduce classroom disruptions by knowing how each student in the class is feeling, who may need additional support and the overall state of learner readiness in the classroom.

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Rich, contextual wellbeing data that triangulates with attendance and behaviour data

Rich, real-time, and contextual wellbeing data that triangulates with attendance and behaviour data, providing actionable wellbeing metrics and insights.

  • Gain rich, real-time wellbeing data on what is happening for individual students, the classroom, or across the whole school.
  • Reduce classroom disruption: Real-time measurement of readiness to learn. Allowing educators to act proactively to address wellbeing concerns and ensure an optimal learning environment
  • Measure current wellbeing programs and plan future wellbeing initiatives by triangulating attendance,  incident reports, and rich real-time wellbeing data all from the School Bytes dashboards. The platform does the heavy lifting for you.


Exclusive Conference: Data-Driven Wellbeing Unlocking Potential with Life  Skills GO and School Bytes

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Adaptive content to improve emotional regulation and learner readiness

  • Reduce disruption in the classroom by knowing if students are ready to learn or not. Use the adaptive content to focus students' attention in less that 3 minutes to get back to teaching quickly.
  • Provide students with the tools and skills to help them to self regulate. This can be accessed through the prepare for learning activity on the School Bytes dashboard or through individual devices.


Curriculum-aligned & Evidence-based resources to support all wellbeing programs

The learning content of Life Skills GO:

  • Draws on the core competencies established by CASEL in their social emotional learning framework, while also incorporating mindfulness science and positive psychology principles, together with effective pedagogical practices.  
  • Is aligned to the Australian Curriculum addressing General Capabilities of: personal and social capability, critical and creative thinking and intercultural understanding.
  • Utilises educational technology to engage students and support the development of crucial proficiencies for 21st century learning, recognised by the World Economic Forum.


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Measuring Student Wellbeing Across the Whole School

From the individual to the entire school - the platform provides social, emotional and physical learning in a blended learning environment which aims to embed a consistent language and improve wellbeing across the whole school. 



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Exclusive Conference: Data-Driven Wellbeing Unlocking Potential with Life  Skills GO and School Bytes

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