Life Skills Group Empowers Families

Life Skills Group equips parents and carers with knowledge and tools to help their children develop the social and emotional intelligence that will lead to positive and productive lives.

Life Skills Group offers daily Mindfulness & Movement classes via our Online Learning Classes, as well as Wellbeing Webinars with Social and Emotional Learning experts who provide you guidance and workshops to help you and your child develop social and emotional skills, wellbeing and resilience.

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What We Offer

  • Skills to enhance social, emotional and physical capabilities at home
  • Specially trained experts
  • Unique holistic approach
  • Practical skills for learning, life and communicating emotions



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Enhanced family wellbeing


Improved academic results and problem solving skills


Increased resilience and self regulation


Positive relationship skills


Self-awareness and emotional intelligence


Reduced anxiety and stress

“I think these skills should be part of any lifelong learning program.”

- Dom Millgate, Parent

Online Learning For Families

The Life Skills Group parent learning modules will help you learn about the importance of social and emotional skills for your child’s learning and development. The learning modules will give you the insights and tools to support your child in building the skills of self-awareness, self-regulation and emotional intelligence to become a confident and resilient human being.

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Other ways to Support Your Child

Social and emotional learning can be taught at home or at school but is most powerful if taught in both settings. Print the brochure below and encourage your child’s school to access engaging learning content that builds the skills children need to reach their potential.


Impact Stories


“It's difficult to say on a day to day basis how the program might be helping but after coming to the class session I feel these programs are very important. Their lives are full of academic and other pressures and this program allows them to switch off and focus on elements of character and well-being so important to a well-rounded person. Olivia definitely used the breathing techniques for sleeping when she was at camp and in other stressful moments at school. Overall I am sure it is helping her to be calmer and more in control of her responses.”

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Kate Glastonbury,


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It’s been fascinating to watch Charlotte very quietly take on the skillsand knowledge from the course. One evening she did a mindful/yoga session with my husband and myself and it was so obvious that she had taken on the language and skills through her "class" with us. She hasn't spoken about it a lot but I can see it has had an impact. She said she enjoyed the course however she was aware that some of the other children didn't enjoy it or benefit from it as she did.

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Emma Van Der Mee,


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“I have been doing mindfulness in a development program at work, so was able to share that with Max and Isabelle and they shared their school smiley mind app with me too. We go to the park, smell roses, and do a few short mindfulness sessions via our phone apps. I think these skills should be part of any life long learning program. It's just a few more tools in the toolbox for them as the needs arise.”

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Dom Millgate,


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Empowering the Community

Join educators and parents across the globe and stay on top of the latest tips, trends and best practices around social, emotional and physical learning! 

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