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SEL Through Education


Lesson Delivery


Curriculum-aligned & Evidence-based

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Measure Students


150+ Age Appropriate
SEL Lessons




Deliver & Measure
Social Emotional Learning
with a Blended
Online Platform

Student’s wellbeing is tracked over time - through quick and easy self-assessment designed to provide clear insight into student wellbeing trends.

Hundreds of resources - which make lessons fun and engaging including: videos, printable resources, brain breaks, games and mindfulness exercises.

Detailed reporting for executives - you can see exactly which lessons have been covered, their progress against curriculum outcomes and the whole school’s progress down to the individual student.

Flexible and designed for any primary school classroom - Life Skills GO can be run on 1:1 devices, within small groups or as a whole class. 

All lessons are evidence-based and aligned to several education frameworks. This includes the Australian Curriculum, CASEL and Skills for 21st Century Learning (WEF). Click here to see the Curriculum Table.

How to Assess Wellbeing Using The Weather Report

Life Skills GO offers a great feature for your students to check-in and report on how they are feeling at that moment. The Weather Report tracks student's wellbeing, recording their emotions using a visual check-in. 


How to get started with
Life Skills GO

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Meet Nataliya A Stage 3 Teacher





Age Appropriate SEL Lessons Over 200+ Lessons

Life Skills GO is a blended learning platform that provides hundreds of age-appropriate lessons and SEL resources in one place. Implement a wide array of learning content, from videos to quizzes, games, and other activities all designed to engage and support social, emotional, and physical learning for students. These skills are further reinforced by a reward system that increases awareness of global issues. Currently, Life Skills Go is targeted only at Primary School Students, Years K-6.


Measure Students Understanding & Wellbeing

Analytics, online quizzes, intrinsic motivational games, and a regular wellbeing check-in (weather report) can help you assess student's overall wellbeing, as well as their knowledge and application of learning content that is mapped directly to curriculum outcomes.

Using the reporting dashboard, you receive real-time feedback on students progress and wellbeing throughout each curriculum-aligned lesson. This allows you to better assess student's understanding of learning modules which can then be tailored to their needs.


Flexible Lesson Delivery

By using this blended learning platform in classrooms, you can deliver lessons with flexibility and control. Lesson modules are planned for teachers to be able to lead or distribute lessons to individuals on student's own devices, or learn as whole-class, or in small groups, or at home for remote learning.


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A Whole School Wellbeing Approach

From the individual to the entire school - the platform provides social, emotional and physical learning in a blended learning environment which aims to embed a consistent language and improve wellbeing across the whole school. 


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Curriculum-aligned & Evidence-based Learning Content

The learning content of Life Skills GO:

  • Draws on the core competencies established by CASEL in their social emotional learning framework, while also incorporating mindfulness science and positive psychology principles, together with effective pedagogical practices.  

  • Aligned to the Australian Curriculum addressing General Capabilities of: personal and social capability, critical and creative thinking and intercultural understanding.
  • Utilises education technology to engage students and support the development of crucial proficiencies for 21st century learning, recognised by the World Economic Forum.


It is evident that
SEL skills are essential



The OECD has called for the mandating of social and emotional learning skills, and more than 20 countries explicitly require it in their curriculums. 


Young people globally will require 16 ‘crucial proficiencies in education’ to meet 21st century needs, 10 of these skills taught in SEL education. 


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Strong social and emotional learning skills resulted in a 4x increase in high school completion and it also resulted in students being twice as likely to be happy. 


Students who are taught social and emotional learning skills experienced a significant improvement in grades, on average by 11 per cent.

(World Economic Forum, New Vision for Education, March 2016)  (World Economic Forum, New Vision for Education, March 2016)  (OECD, Social and Emotional Skills: Well-being, connectedness and success, 2017) 

(World Economic Forum, New Vision for Education, March 2016)

Establish Whole School Wellbeing
with Life Skills GO


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