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SEL Through Education


Lesson Delivery


Curriculum-aligned & Evidence-based

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Measure Students


150+ Age Appropriate
SEL Lessons




Track, measure and report on Social Emotional Learning

SEL skills are now critical skills - for today and tomorrow. Your wellbeing resources help, but how to you measure results across your whole program and know what to do next to support your students? Life Skills GO provides continuous measurement and reporting for all your wellbeing activity.

Student’s wellbeing is tracked over time - quick and easy self-assessment provide clear insight into student wellbeing trends.

Hundreds of resources - which make lessons fun and engaging including: videos, printable resources, brain breaks, games and mindfulness exercises.

Detailed reporting for executives - see exactly which lessons have been covered, progress against curriculum outcomes and the whole school’s progress down to the individual student.

Flexible and designed for any school classroom - Life Skills GO can be run on 1:1 devices, within small groups or as a whole class. 

All lessons are evidence-based and aligned to several education frameworks. This includes the Australian Curriculum, CASEL and Skills for 21st Century Learning (WEF). Click here to see the Curriculum Table.

Start Measuring Student Emotions 


With Life Skills GO's emotional check-in, you can set up and start tracking your students' emotional state and readiness to learn in 30 minutes. 


Get to Know the Emotion Check-In and Know Your Students

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The Emotion Check-In

Instantly and continuously track and measure students’ emotional state and readiness to learn.

Can be used multiple times a day, and instantly record for individual students, groups or the whole class at any time.

Drill down into responses to find out the context or cause of the emotion and identify signals when preventative measures are needed.

Timestamped to show when the response was recorded.

Observations can be left against student emotions saved in their learner profile, built over a day, weeks, months and across the school year.

Can be used on whatever devices you have available - single devices, smartboards, BYOD, computer labs and at home.

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Prepare for Learning

Adaptive Content

Based on the student’s emotion check-in, they are automatically assigned mindfulness / Cognitive behaviour therapy or a focused attention exercise. 

These activities are designed to help students self-regulate and prepare for learning.

Students then record their emotion once they have completed their activities. 

Teachers are able to view data on this activity in the student report.

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Emotion Check-In Report History

Reporting dashboards give visibility across emotional states, activities taught (aligned to outcomes) and learner profile histories for individual students, classes or full school.

View real-time student and class emotion check-in reports.

Record comments and observations on individual students to gain a holistic learner profile history.

Data on individual student emotion check-ins over time is instantly generated, which is valuable for:

  • Determining trends over time 
  • Discovering potential reasons why learning may be difficult and whether behavioural intervention is required
  • Providing context for parent-teacher meetings

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ILPs and PLPs

ILP’s and PLP’s can be created and assigned to individual students for behavioural intervention.

These provide several benefits including:

ILP's can contain targeted support and lessons designed for students assigned by the teacher or learning support team.

ILP lesson support can be completed at home (using a QR code) or at school to support students.

ILP data is securely stored and can be used in conjunction with school reports and school interventions to support the students' next steps.

Using Life Skills GO, students on ILP's or PLP's will be able to demonstrate enhanced concentration, communication, resilience and confidence. 

Students on ILP’s or PLP’s with anxiety or behavioural issues can be given direct support using embedded content to support their emotional, social and physical wellbeing.


Comprehensive Measurement and Reporting

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Whole-school Activity Reporting for School Leaders

Rich data from an individual student, class, year, stage, or whole school level for any time period.

Provide visibility over the completed activity. 

Data can be used in stages for team discussions and data discussions based on results.

Provides data for whole-school wellbeing discussions and needs assessment.

Use for EV and discussions on wellbeing with your director.

Include and provide evidence for your School Improvement plan or Evaluation.

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Emotion Checks and Wellbeing Reporting for Secondary Schools

Invaluable & Relevant Secondary Schools

The early identification of students who need extra support is critical. Creating a universal approach to behaviour management helps all of our students and sets up a consistent and inclusive approach for all teachers to follow. When students are struggling it is important for teachers to listen and try to understand their circumstances rather than offer solutions. 

Benefits for secondary students:

  • Using the LifeSkillsGO platform is helping our students to understand how our emotions impact many aspects of our lives.
  • Learning to regulate your emotions is a critical skill that helps our young students to live and work successfully in the twenty-first century.
  • Getting along with other people is an effective life skill for all students, including understanding and handling themselves.
  • Developing SEL ( social and emotional skills) will help students develop a good sense of worth and feel more confident to express their opinions.
  • Encouraging students to be more emotionally literate allows students to develop a greater understanding of themselves and others and establish and maintain positive relationships.
  • Developing these pro-social skills helps our older students develop better routines and habits around their learning engagement. 


Digital & Printable Resources for Remote and Face to Face Teaching and Learning

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Classroom Resources

Comprehensive and easy to follow lesson plans. 

75% of your entire Health and PD plan is completed for you. 

Customise lessons to help with student and school needs based on potential school issues.

Formative Assessment using Success Criteria and Learning Intentions.

150+ online age-based lessons across six key learning areas of social and emotional learning.

200+ printable resources including posters, mindful practice cards, character strength cards & fundamental movement skill activities.

100+ video age appropriate resources including brain breaks, guided breathing exercises, guided visualisations, mindful exercises and relaxation stories.

Weekly activity sets to assist with lesson planning.

All content is evidence-based and aligned to several education frameworks (Australian &  State Curriculum / CASEL / Skills for 21st Century Learning (WEF)).

Independently assessed and approved by Be You (Beyond Blue).



Learning Support Accessibility

Features can be tailored for learning support students.

The Learning Support function makes Life Skills GO lessons more accessible for all students, enlarging audio buttons and quiz questions. The Emotion Check-In changes to provide 6 simple emotions in a larger format for ease of understanding and accessibility.

Teachers can switch on Learning Support in a mainstream class or a multi-cat class using the toggle for individual students from the Student Dashboard. For a student with Learning Support switched on, they’ll receive the features of Learning Support mentioned above.


Curriculum-aligned & Evidence-based Learning Content

The learning content of Life Skills GO:

  • Draws on the core competencies established by CASEL in their social emotional learning framework, while also incorporating mindfulness science and positive psychology principles, together with effective pedagogical practices.  

  • Aligned to the Australian Curriculum addressing General Capabilities of: personal and social capability, critical and creative thinking and intercultural understanding.
  • Utilises educational technology to engage students and support the development of crucial proficiencies for 21st century learning, recognised by the World Economic Forum.


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Life Skills Units

Go units provide comprehensive resources to teach key SEL units: 

The Road to Resilience

The unit aims to develop students’ understanding of persistence and provide then with the opportunities to learn and practice strategies that will help them persevere and overcome setbacks with greater ease.


Future focused learners

The aim of this unit is to develop skills needed as 21st century citizens, including the need to think deeply about issues, solve problems creatively, work in teams, communicate clearly and learn ever-changing technologies.


Identifying, Communicating and Managing Emotions

This unit develops students’ abilities to identify their emotions and introduces strategies to help them name, understand, express and manage them. This provides teachers with the tools to create an optimal learning environment and ensures that the wellbeing data collected is accurate, reliable and informative.


Building Positive

The unit aims to equip students with the necessary skills to develop and manage respectful relationships. More specifically, it aims to introduce specific social skills such as effective listening, mindful communications, negotiation, compassion and forgiveness. These character strengths are the fundamental skills needed to get along with others.



Watch a Quick Demonstration of Life Skills GO

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Measuring Student Wellbeing Across the Whole School

From the individual to the entire school - the platform provides social, emotional and physical learning in a blended learning environment which aims to embed a consistent language and improve wellbeing across the whole school. 




Track and Measure Student Emotions
with Life Skills GO


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