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Whole school wellbeing, whole student wellbeing

Life Skills GO, designed in collaboration with educators, is an easy-to-use emotion and wellbeing data collection tool that measures student readiness to learn, supported with a comprehensive library of evidence-based and curriculum aligned resources


Instant, actionable measurement of emotional state and readiness to learn.

Rich, contextual wellbeing data that triangulates with attendance and behaviour data.

Adaptive content to improve emotion regulation and learner readiness.

Curriculum-aligned & Evidence-based resources supporting all wellbeing programs.


Life Skills GO for teaching and learning

The Emotion Check-in. Set the foundation for emotional literacy


Build the foundation for emotional literacy

Establish baseline data, help students get familiar with emotional literacy and support learner needs with 6 foundational emotions.

Collect student driven data through the Emotion Check-in tool

Provide students agency to express how they are feeling and the context behind the way they feel through a student lead Emotion Check-in.

Flexible access modes

Students can check-in through the class IWB or individual devices.

Real-time feedback for proactive wellbeing response

Assess learner readiness and identify students that may need support

Surface trends in the responses of the class and instantly identify students that may need additional support. 

See students by emotional state

This enables teachers to clearly view reports and data based on the most relevant information.

Respond to student, class or school needs with a range of content

Easily find evidence based, curriculum aligned resources to create ILP/PLP’s or assign units and lessons to the class.


Actionable data and reports for proactive, preventative wellbeing 

Know how your students are now

See an instant snapshot of students' readiness to learn and students in need. Move into a preventative/proactive space by quickly identifying student emotions before they start the day or identify longitudinal patterns.

Understand the ‘why’ behind the behaviour

Shows an overview of the context each student selects as part of their check-in indicating where these feelings are originating, such as at home or in the playground.

Monitor students who need support

Maintain visibility over students who are register negative emotions for more than 50% of their check-ins. Students can be added, removed or filtered by date.

Simply set individual pathways

ILP's and PLP's can be quickly created and instantly assigned to individual students for behavioural intervention.


Life Skills GO Works For Principals, Admin, Stage and Wellbeing Staff

Gain new insight into individual students, classes and your whole school wellbeing

Obtain real-time insights on individual students, classes, stages and whole school wellbeing. 

  • Real-time updates on emotional state, readiness to learn, and activity.
  • Measure progress and effectiveness of wellbeing strategies.
  • Identify at-risk students and areas for improvement.

Track and measure wellbeing activity across all students, classes or the whole school

Effortlessly track engagement, progress, and outcomes of Emotion Check-ins and digital lessons at class or school-wide level. Gain insights, validate strategies, and ensure consistent platform usage with staff visibility.

  • Track engagement and progress in Emotion Check-ins and digital lessons.
  • Gain insights and validate outcomes of wellbeing strategies.
  • Ensure consistent platform usage with staff visibility.
GO Page Assets

Triangulate data for a complete view of wellbeing

Triangulated wellbeing data by integrating emotion check-in data with attendance and behaviour data. Gain comprehensive insights to support student well-being effectively.

  • Integrate the emotion check-in data with attendance and behaviour data for a holistic view of student wellbeing.
  • Identify patterns: Analyse the combined data to uncover correlations between emotional state, attendance, and behaviour, enabling targeted interventions.
  • Proactive support: Early identification of at-risk students allows for proactive interventions addressing emotional, attendance, and behaviour concerns.

Bring your learning community together

Support for community wellbeing

Life Skills GO helps create a common understanding of each child's wellbeing among parents and educators.

Foster collaborative discussions and holistic support by sharing insights with parents, counsellors, and stakeholders.

Guide targeted interventions addressing specific needs and challenges related to student and family wellbeing using evidence-based understanding.


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Emotion Check-in
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Emotion Check-in Feature
Wellbeing data, reporting, and learner profiles for individual students
Wellbeing, data, reporting, insights, and dashboards for teachers
Wellbeing, data, reporting, insights, and dashboards for Administrators
Interactive digital wellbeing journal for all students
Quiet place – Self-regulation center for all students
Evidence-based, trauma-informed adaptive self-regulation activities for students and classrooms
45 Emotion Cards
A selection of printable resources and self-regulation videos
8 Digital lessons, curriculum-aligned, evidence-based, identifying, communicating, and managing emotions
Life Skills GO
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Everything in the Emotion Check-in PLUS
Digital Lessons
200+ Printable Resources
4 core units of work including teaching and learning plans, start and end of term reflections and stage-based workbooks
49 self-regulation videos