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Life Skills GO is an easy-to-use emotion and wellbeing data collection tool that measures readiness to learn through empowered student voice, displays real-time dashboards, reports and insights enabling educators to make informed decisions, and provides quality evidence based and curriculum aligned resources and adaptive lessons to foster wellbeing and support social and emotional literacy.


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Our product specialists will guide you through a short interactive demo. You'll discover how to:



  • Empower Student voice and capture real-time, actionable wellbeing data, in just a few minutes a day.

  • Use the emotion check-in tool for instant feedback on student readiness and access adaptive resources to help regulate emotional state and maximise learning time.  

  • Easily identify students and parts of the school that need additional wellbeing support with the real-time displays of emotions and context. 

  • Utilise the dynamic and customisable dashboards, so all educators and teachers can easily access the right information at the right time, and make informed decisions to support the students based on their real needs

  • Become a data-led wellbeing school with automated periodic reports, showing insights and trends of your whole school, stage, class and individual learners, to identify the most important wellbeing issues and make data informed decisions that are responsive, proactive and preventative

  • Access over 500 stage-based digital lessons and content, and 200+ printable resources to teach emotional literacy and self-regulation, that is evidence based, trauma informed and State and Australian curriculum aligned.

  • GET STARTED with our whole school onboarding team - providing comprehensive training and support for your entire faculty and staff. Or request a 14 day free trial TODAY!



Watch below to hear from schools using Life Skills GO

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