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Empowering Human Intelligence

Life Skills Group is a global leader strengthening the human intelligence and mental health of young people and their communities. Our innovative programs equip students, teachers and parents with tools to develop the social, emotional and physical capabilities needed to thrive today and in the future.

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What We Do


Empowering Students

Our in-school programs equip students with skills needed to deal with challenges successfully and to reach their potential as learners and leaders of the future.

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Empowering Teachers

We help teachers and school teams create positive learning environments that empower students as confident, resilient and creative citizens.

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Empowering Parents

We equip parents and carers with knowledge and tools to help their children develop skills of self-awareness, resilience, self-regulation and empathy.

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Bring SEL Into The Classroom With A Digital Platform

Life Skills GO is an engaging and fun online learning space for primary school children, K-6, that enables teachers to develop student’s social, emotional and physical skills for successful learning, by providing them with the lesson structure, content and analytics to deliver curriculum-aligned classes within their desired workflows.

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Model of Social, Emotional
and Physical Learning

The Life Skills Group model of social, emotional and physical learning has been created based on substantial research evidence. The model has been uniquely designed to incorporate what works best for schools and families.

Our programs and educational resources help students to develop self-awareness and social awareness through the use of a flexible and effective repertoire of strategies. This forms the foundation for students to develop skills of self-regulation, resilience, perseverance, empathy and compassion.

Students learn how to make choices that promote physical and mental health, positive relationships and how to actively shape their own wellbeing.


Impact Stories

“Students were able to develop the language to express their emotions when dealing with difficult experiences and empathising with others. The practice of relaxation and mindfulness benefited all students, and we will continue to practice in class time.”

Rebecca Melia,

Ashfield Public School

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“A highly recommended program for students - particularly in the junior school. It provided the students with practical skills, knowledge and strategies to manage themselves and navigate the world around them. The students were able to engage with abstract emotional and social concepts in a real and meaningful way. All students should complete a program just like this one.”

Pearl Beast,

Dandenong South Primary School

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“Thank you for the engaging, inclusive lessons, games and learning. The students enjoyed the different elements of the program and became mindful, aware and able to find their calming techniques when required.”

Amber Gavan,

Birrong Public School

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“Students always looked forward to their next lesson. Students gained many life skills, including social interactions with their peers and how to manage difficult or challenging situations. Instructor was awesome! She had complete control of the students and created an environment that was both exciting and relaxing for the students. Would love to have this program at our school next year...”


Aspendale Gardens Primary School

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“My Kindergarten class developed self regulation and calming skills over the 10 week program. I saw a huge improvement in their ability to implement the calming exercises into class life to improve wellbeing and engagement. I highly recommend the program and its benefits on primary children..”

Rebekah Murray,

Hammondville Public School

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“It has been a great program for the kids and has been a highlight of their week. We have even written detailed recounts on the life skills sessions. The kids have learnt vital skills to relax and calm themselves. The teachers have been understanding and professional and it has been a great initiative..”

Tim Harrison,

Cheltenham East Primary School

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Empowering The Community

Things are changing, but keeping your children's social, emotional, and physical wellbeing should always be a priority. 


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