Wellbeing Programs for Students

Our in-school and online programs enable students to build awareness of their social, emotional and physical health and wellbeing. Therefore, equipping them with the skills to take an active role in shaping a positive and successful future.

Life Skills Group's in-school and Life Skills Go online programs have been specifically developed for students in each year level from pre-school and primary, through to secondary school. Life Skills lessons and curriculum can be personalised to meet the needs of individual learners and class groups.

Our in-school programs are led by Life Skills trained teachers who teach social, emotional and physical lessons have been shown to increase student engagement, reduce disruptive classroom behaviour, and improve student learning outcomes.

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What We Offer

  • Evidence-based Programs aligned to the Australian HPE Curriculum under General Capabilities.
  • In-school and Online Programs designed to enhance social, emotional & physical skills
  • Specially trained wellbeing teachers
  • Unique whole school approach to wellbeing
  • Practical skills for learning and life
  • Reporting and regular feedback on impact of Life Skills Programs



"The program has resonated with students at the school and we are seeing teachers embedding strategies from the lessons and online learning platform into classroom routines. Areas we have seen improvement are: Anxiety, Anger Management, Relaxation and Stress Management, and Emotional Response."

- Chris Buenen, Principal, Leichhardt Public School

School Outcomes


Improved school wellbeing


Improved academic results and problem solving skills


Increased resilience and self regulation


Positive relationship skills resulting in decreased bullying & reduced disruptions in classrooms


Self-awareness and emotional intelligence


Growth mindset

Our Student Programs


Our Signature Program

Students build awareness of their physical, social and emotional health and wellbeing. They are equipped with the skills to deal with the upcoming challenges of adolescence and adulthood. Eligible for 6 hours of NESA Elective PD.

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Fundamental Movement Program

Students learn and apply positive physical fitness skills through a range of visual and auditory stimuli and movement exercises. The program develops fundamental movement skills. 

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Self-regulation and focused attention

In a series of interactive, progressive lessons, students develop their self-awareness and increase impulse control, focus and empathy. Mindfulness in Action utilises scientifically proven mindfulness techniques, effective pedagogical practices, and cross-sectional research in cognitive-affective neuroscience to teach students to pay attention to their experiences in a non-reactive way.

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Stage 3 - prepare for high school

Students develop tools to understand and manage their emotions and also their physical and social changes through various stages of life. The program also encourages students to be aware of the safety, health and wellbeing of both themselves and others. 

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Impact Stories


“It has been a great program for the kids and has been a highlight of their week. We have even written detailed recounts on the life skills sessions. The kids have learnt vital skills to relax and calm themselves. The teachers have been understanding and professional and it has been a great initiative.”

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Tim Harrison,

Cheltenham East Primary School

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“The Life Skills Group had an outstanding impact on the children in my class. They are less fidgety and distracted, and much more focused and responsive. I loved how they've been given the opportunity to put together a sequence of yoga poses at the end of the program- assessment as learning!”

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Beauty Point Public School

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“Students always looked forward to their next lesson. Students gained many life skills, including social interactions with their peers and how to manage difficult or challenging situations. Instructor was awesome! She had complete control of the students and created an environment that was both exciting and relaxing for the students. Would love to have this program at our school next year.”

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Aspendale Gardens Primary School

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“The Life Skills program has allowed my students to learn about themselves and to make them accountable for their feelings and actions. Using mind, body and breathing my students have learnt life skills that will help them in the future.”

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Miss Peek,

Dawson Public School

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