Who We Are

Our Story

Life Skills Group was founded by Nikki Bonus in 2001 in Sydney, Australia to address the urgent need for learning social and emotional intelligence in schools and communities. We have grown to be an international collective of over 80 team members. We partner with education sectors across states and districts to educate and empower students, teachers, families and to act as a voice for the voiceless.

There is now global recognition that skills of social, emotional, physical and wellbeing learning are of critical importance in education and that these skills will be the key to empowering our future generation of leaders.

Life Skills Group is unique among service providers as our programs draw upon the Health and Physical Education curriculum, social emotional learning frameworks, whole-school wellbeing strategies, mindfulness science and positive psychology in combination with effective pedagogical practices. Our programs consistently achieve high levels of impact and thousands of students who have completed our programs are better equipped to build a “flourishing world”.

"Nikki recently presented at our Women in Educational Leadership Conference. The experience, knowledge and energy she bought to the room motivated and inspired our attendees."

Rose Pelley, WIEL

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Our vision

Every child has access to an effective, measurable and affordable social, emotional and physical education.


Our mission

To globally empower educators to prioritise, support and measure the development of social, emotional and physical literacy for our next generation of leaders.

Our Team

Life Skills Group is an international team of subject matter experts, curriculum advisors, professional learning consultants, wellbeing officers, psychologists, teachers, researchers and instructional designers who partner with school teams, families and community groups to empower emotional intelligence and wellbeing.

Our team members are recognised as leaders in their field, leading policy, program design, professional learning and curriculum implementation in schools. The wellbeing of children, families and school communities is at the centre of all decision making.

The teachers who deliver our in-school programs are highly skilled instructional leaders. They share their expertise with classroom teachers bringing curriculum content to life in an engaging way for students and in an informative and exemplary way for teachers. Our teachers model a flexible repertoire of strategies effective in developing the social, emotional, intellectual and physical learning of students across all ability levels.

All teachers have completed over 200 hours of training including training in special needs, anxiety management and child stress indicators.

In addition they receive ongoing professional development and have their First Aid certification and Working with Children Check.

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Why We Do It

Mental health is the #1 concern amongst youth in Australia
  • 1 in 6 people have at least one mental or substance use disorder globally¹.
  • It is estimated that 4% of the global population have an anxiety disorder¹.
  • Mental health is the #1 concern of Australian 15 - 19 year olds.
  • Mental health rose as the national concern of 15-19 year olds in Australia from 14.9% to 33.7%, 2015-2017².
  • $118.6 billion lost due to fall in educational performance in Australian schools 2009-20157.
  • Nearly $200 billion is lost each year in the US in reduced earnings due to mental health problems6.
Social and emotional skills are needed to be able to thrive
  • Young people with strong social emotional skills are twice as likely to be happy³.
  • Young people with strong social emotional skills are 4 times more likely to finish high school³.
  • Young people with strong social emotional skills are more likely to have better learning outcomes4.
  • Young people with strong social emotional skills are more likely to have higher income and better jobs4.
  • Benefit-cost of social emotional learning programs = 11:1 return on investment5.

Mental health is the #1 concern of Australian 15 - 19 year olds


1 in 6 people have at least one mental or substance use disorders globally


Young people with strong social emotional skills are more likely to have higher income and better jobs


Young people with strong social emotional skills are twice as likely to be happy

What We Do

Life Skills Group is a global leader strengthening the emotional intelligence and mental health of young people and their communities. We equip students, teachers and parents with tools to develop the social, emotional and physical capabilities needed to thrive today and in the future.


Our in-school and online wellbeing programs equip teachers and students with skills needed to deal with challenge successfully and to reach their potential as learners and future leaders.


We equip parents and carers with knowledge and tools to help their children develop skills of self-awareness, resilience, self-regulation and empathy.


In addition to her CEO role at Life Skills Group, Nikki Bonus is well-known in the education and private sectors as a keynote speaker. Through her highly engaging delivery, Nikki shares powerful insights with participants of how principles of wellbeing science, positive psychology and mindful leadership can be applied to enhance performance of individuals and teams. Do you want Nikki to enrich your next conference, event or workshop?


We host free webinars & in-person workshops throughout the year for both teachers and parents. In our events, you will learn how to strengthen the wellbeing for yourself, students you teach, and your children. You will learn how to help reduce anxiety, build resilience, and flourish in life. Join one of our workshops and connect with like-minded people in our passionate community.

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