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Taming Your Brain: Emotional Regulation Through Mindfulness

By Life Skills Group

Published 1 May 2019 17.43 PM

Research from Harvard suggests that mindfulness exercises such as meditation, breathing and relaxation can have significant physiological benefits such as decreased risk of hypertension and reduced inflammation. This study builds upon what we already know about mindfulness exercises and their impact on reducing stress and anxiety. 

For many, these benefits come as no huge surprise, however the hard part is often how to get started or finding resources to help.


Here's a FREE mindfulness resource to get you started!


Tame Your Brain is a short mindfulness exercise which uses guided breathing to manage stress and improve focus. These are both important aspects of self management - a core competency within social, emotional learning.

This exercise is a fun and engaging way to involve young children, adults and everyone in between to participate in the positive practice of mindfulness while learning skills which can be utilised to help us all thrive in learning and life.



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