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Maintaining Children's Focussed Attention Over The Holidays

By Life Skills Group

Published 22 December 2018 14.42 PM

It's the holiday season and for most of us, a time to wind down. However, with school finished for another year, parents will discover that their often already busy schedule becomes even busier with children around the home for an extra 6 hours a day. With the inevitability that at some point you will be called upon to solve your child’s boredom or anxiousness... After all, they spend 30 hours a week at school focusing intently, and there's only so many rounds of Candy Crush one can play before their concentration wanes.

A recent study from the University of West England has shown that focussing your attention on a task such as colouring in with a pencil and a book for as little as 20 minutes can have a significant impact on stress, energy and creativity levels.

Something as simple as a colouring book can not only entertain, but also provide children with the benefits of quiet reflection and calming oneself to just focus attention on the task at hand. These kind of activities, using focussed attention, has been shown to be effective in stress reduction, and also improving concentration and creative thinking, which then results in children becoming more self-aware, with a greater ability to self-regulate.

We understand that sometimes it’s not always easy to provide children with appropriate stress-reducing activities, so we created the Life Skills Book Of Mindful Colouring that you can print and enjoy with your children. This book is a fun and engaging way to promote focussed attention, mindfulness and creativity throughout the holiday period!  

Download your FREE copy of our Book of Mindful Colouring below.



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