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Life Skills GO provides social, emotional and physical learning programs for children delivered online.

A school's own teachers can establish lessons using suggested structures and embedded content. The learning place provides quizzes and games to reinforce learning, and inbuilt analytics to assess and  report on learning outcomes.

Provides the language, skills and ways to monitor how these skills of human learning are being delivered.

Life Skills GO Offers

Curriculum-aligned, innovative and engaging lessons online

A revolutionary platform that reinforces and helps extend the content we're teaching in our in-school programs to maximise impact

 Support for teachers to explicitly teach skills of personal and social capability

Access to learning resources and reporting on student's achievement

A unique whole school approach

Practical skills for learning and life


School Outcomes

school outcomes


Student view lesson instruction-1

For Students

Life Skills GO supports students to view and Interact with lesson content, collaborate with teachers and other students to gain valuable learning outcomes, and have fun whilst learning!

Lesson Instruction

Character animations drive instruction in social, emotional and physical learning.

Student View Weather Check

Taking a “Weather Check”

Lesson activities can gauge student feelings, provide exercises that reinforce positive feelings and help transform anxiety and negative feelings.

Student View Games and Exercises

Games and Exercises

Online games and other exercises reinforce leanings and make interaction fun for students.

The results of gaming activity are provided for review by teachers in the systems analytics feature.

Student View Test Knowledge

Test Knowledge

Online quizzes assess children’s knowledge and application of learning content.

Results of quiz activities are provided for review by teachers in the systems analytics feature.

Student View Encouragement and Awards

Encouragement and Awards

Encouragement and Rewards are provided throughout lesson activities.

Rewards systems relates to content learnt.

Provides awareness of social needs and global issues such as good health and wellbeing, quality education, life on land, life below water, gender and race inequality.

Teacher View Lessons

For Teachers

Life Skills GO provides teachers with lesson structure, content and analytics to deliver curriculum aligned classes within their desired workflows.

Create and Manage Lessons

Establish a teaching curriculum.

Select lessons to include in this curriculum from the integrated content.

Teacher View Manage Students

Manage Students

Setup students, assign student to classes and provide student with access to the learning platform.

Teacher View Manage Lessons V2-1

Manage Lesson Activities

Select desired activities to be part of a lesson to suit teaching workflows and time available.

Teacher View Deliver Lessons

Deliver Lessons

Deliver lessons to a class with flexibility and controls.

Lesson components can be teacher led or student lead, allowing instruction to be driven from the front of the classroom, or for students to work individually or in groups to complete lessons.

Teacher View Dashboard

Teacher Analytics

Analyse and download or print out the participation and learning outcomes for students.

Life Skills Group Curriculum Alignment

Learning Content

The learning content of Life Skills GO:

  • draws on social emotional learning frameworks, mindfulness science, growth mindset and positive psychology in combination with effective pedagogical practices
  • activates the wellbeing and lifelong learning of students
  • aligns to the Australian Curriculum for Health and Physical Education and syllabus documents of each state, as well as the Australian Curriculum general capability of Personal and Social Capability


We have listened to your feedback


95% of educators

have asked for more online content including
teacher led activities, online resources and teaching guides.
Life Skills GO is exactly this!


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Empowering The Community

Join educators and parents across the globe and stay on top of the latest tips, trends and best practices around social, emotional and physical learning!

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