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Questions From Teachers

1. What are some strategies that I can use to support the social emotional learning of my students?

Strategies that explicitly teach students about self-awareness and emotional awareness lay the foundation for self-management skills of resilience and self-regulation. A variety of calming techniques including mindfulness based strategies can support students to develop positive behaviour for learning.

2. How do I find the time for social emotional learning when my teaching day is already so full?

Our programs and educational resources are aligned to the curriculum. You will learn how to empower the mental health and physical health outcomes of your students in your day to day teaching through our in-school programs and online masterclasses.

3. What are some of the behaviour problems that the Life Skills Group programs will help me to overcome in my classroom?

Our in-school programs will help your students to develop positive behaviour for learning and will explicitly teach strategies that students can use to self-regulate their attention and behaviour. You will learn how to nurture the wellbeing of your students and how to take a proactive approach towards issues such as youth mental health, anger management and depression.


Questions From Schools

1. Do you have any resources available that will help to guide the development and implementation of our school wellbeing policy?

Our in-school programs and online masterclasses equip schools with the knowledge and tools to ensure that implementation of wellbeing frameworks effectively supports the personal and social capabilities of students so that they will thrive in learning and in life.

2. Is there any training available to help my teachers develop the social emotional skills of their students?

Our in-school programs and online masterclasses equip teachers with learning in how to explicitly teach students skills of social emotional learning including self-awareness, self-management, resilience and self-regulation. A repertoire of strategies will be modelled for classroom teachers through the in-school programs and include mindfulness based strategies that support students to develop positive behaviour for learning and a growth mindset.

3. How can I help my teachers to nurture their own wellbeing?

Our interactive workshops focusing on teacher wellbeing and mindful leadership draw on evidence of what works best in the field of social emotional wellbeing science, mindfulness and positive psychology. Teachers will learn how to nurture a professional culture of social emotional intelligence and how to enhance their own skills of self-awareness, self-management and resilience.


Questions From Parents

1. How can I help my child manage anxiety and distress?

Skills of social emotional learning including self-awareness and self-management can be learnt at any age and will help children to manage emotions. Our online masterclasses for parents provide tools and engaging activities helping children develop skills for self-awareness, resilience, self-regulation, effective communication and positive friendships.

2. How does social emotional learning lead to wellbeing?

In a nutshell, learning skills of social emotional learning and physical health leads to a greater sense of self-awareness, relationships that are more meaningful and increased self esteem which all help to bolster positive mental health and wellbeing.

3. How can my child’s school access your programs?

Please contact our head office and ask to speak to one of our Wellbeing Managers who will provide you with information that you can share with your P&C or Principal. Alternatively, one of our School Relationship Managers can contact the school directly.

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