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Life Skills GO is our blended online teaching and learning platform that simplifies continuous measurement and reporting of students' social, emotional and mental wellbeing.


Curriculum-aligned in-school programs led by our wellbeing experts who, side-by-side with educators, teach social, emotional and physical skills.


Create positive school learning environments through innovative and engaging professional learning and whole-school wellbeing implementation strategies in-person or online.

Partnering schools to support Teaching and Learning

How do we truly know how our students are feeling?

Life Skills Group has partnered with over 850 schools to help find the answer - by identifying, measuring and communicating the emotions of over 500,000 students in a measurable and reportable way. 

See how educators and students have benefitted from implementing our blended online learning platform.

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Measure and Report on Class or Whole School Wellbeing Programs

Life Skills GO is the simple and effective online platform to comprehensively and continuously measure and report student wellbeing to your curriculum.

Analyse your students' social, emotional and mental wellbeing and their readiness to learn in real time and access automated strategies to support social-emotional literacy and wellbeing.


Curriculum Aligned Resources and Reports

The Life Skills online platform is comprehensive and flexible and can be aligned to school curriculums and tailored to your school’s and students' specific needs. All content is aligned to the:

- Australian curriculum for PE/H/PD syllabus for each State and Territory

- Australian Curriculum (ACARA), CASEL and Skills for 21st Century Learning.

Independently assessed and approved by Be You (Beyond Blue).


Evidence Based Social, Emotional & Physical Learning

Life Skills GO provides an effective solution for teachers and schools that is supported by international evidence and based on reliable data from our own experience working in Australian schools.

Based on modern research in Mindfulness, Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and Wellbeing science.

The programs also draw upon Martin Seligman’s theory of PERMAH which incorporates positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishment and health


Enhanced Learning Support

A fun and interactive online blended learning space that supports and measures the social, emotional and physical development of every child.

Life Skills enables educators to explicitly teach and measure social and emotional learning with individual or group support targeting identified support needs based on data collected for each student.

Daily Check-ins for students most at risk.

Measurable improvements in areas such as attendance rates and readiness to learn.




Improved Academic Outcomes

Students who are taught social and emotional learning skills experienced a significant improvement in grades, on average by 11 per cent.

World Economic Forum, New Vision for Education, 2016

Strong social and emotional learning skills resulted in a 4x increase in high school completion and it also resulted in students being twice as likely to be happy.

OECD, Social and Emotional Skills: Wellbeing, Connectedness and Success, 2017

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Digital Wellbeing That Works for Students and Educators

Life Skills GO is an innovative online blended learning space for primary school children (F/K-6) that prepares students to learn and helps educators and parents monitor their wellbeing in areas such as self-awareness, self-management, resilience, growth mindset, respect for the physical body, and communication. It's proven to improve academic results, decrease disruptive behaviour, and to help them be successful in study, work and life.

Read more to learn how GO provides lesson structure, content and analytics for educators to deliver evidence-based, curriculum-aligned classes within their desired scope and sequence and measure and track student wellbeing progress.


Professional Development

Life Skills Group run workshops combining interactive, practical and theory-based learning.

Workshops are run by specially trained facilitators who are experts in wellbeing and social/emotional learning.

Learn the key building blocks for staff wellbeing and leadership: mindfulness-based emotional intelligence, self-awareness, mental and emotional resilience and engagement.

All workshops utilise evidence-based strategies & resources.


Student programs

A range of programs are available, from Wellbeing Days to Whole School Programs, designed to build awareness of students' social, emotional and physical health and wellbeing through movement, focused attention and mindfulness.

Delivered by an expert educator in-school or online, side-by-side with your classroom teacher.

In-school programs improve students'  concentration, communication, listening, resilience, confidence and self-regulation skills.

Also improves balance, spatial awareness & motor skills.

Our Impact on Wellbeing



schools use Life Skills programs to support their wellbeing framework.



students around the world use Life Skills programs.

positive relationship


reduction in disruptive behaviours, improved relationship skills, less bullying

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Improved academic results & problem solving skills

Impact Stories


“Students were able to develop the language to express their emotions when dealing with difficult experiences and empathising with others. The practice of relaxation and mindfulness benefited all students, and we will continue to practice in class time.”


Rebecca Melia,

Ashfield Public School

read full case study  
Quote Opposite

“A highly recommended program for students - particularly in the junior school. It provided the students with practical skills, knowledge and strategies to manage themselves and navigate the world around them. The students were able to engage with abstract emotional and social concepts in a real and meaningful way. All students should complete a program just like this one.”


Pearl Beast,

Dandenong South Primary School

read full case study  

“Guildford West Public School has been successful at improving wellbeing by using a whole school approach - integrating multiple initiatives including Life Skills GO online lessons. It has helped that the teachers and staff have all had the Life Skills Professional Development training, and there is now a common language among students and teachers. We plan our curriculum to include Life Skills GO lessons at least 1-2x a week with a specific, targeted focus on social and emotional learning. There has been a significant reduction in disruptive behaviour across the school, and an 80% drop in suspensions between 2017 and 2020 which is evidence of the initiatives implemented to address student wellbeing and social and emotional learning.”


Stephanie Giles,

Guildford West Public School

read full case study  

“Students always looked forward to their next lesson. Students gained many life skills, including social interactions with their peers and how to manage difficult or challenging situations. Instructor was awesome! She had complete control of the students and created an environment that was both exciting and relaxing for the students. Would love to have this program at our school next year...”



Aspendale Gardens Primary School

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“My Kindergarten class developed self regulation and calming skills over the 10 week program. I saw a huge improvement in their ability to implement the calming exercises into class life to improve wellbeing and engagement. I highly recommend the program and its benefits on primary children..”


Rebekah Murray,

Hammondville Public School

read full case study  

“It has been a great program for the kids and has been a highlight of their week. We have even written detailed recounts on the life skills sessions. The kids have learnt vital skills to relax and calm themselves. The teachers have been understanding and professional and it has been a great initiative..”


Tim Harrison,

Cheltenham East Primary School

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