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Nourishing Resilience in times of uncertainty

Principals, teachers and all staff who work in schools are the Leaders of our Future Leaders.

But in this time of immense uncertainty at every level of our lives, how do we sustain ourselves and at the same time inspire our students to flourish and find trust in the world?

When we are hanging on by our fingernails?

And when everything seems so fragile?

This webinar is for you. To nourish you. To help give you tools for you to find your resilience and internal calm when all around you are losing theirs’ (including the children).

And to support your students to navigate these times and trust themselves.

So please, prepare yourself with a cup of hot chocolate (and even a marshmallow!), dress in your jammies, and let’s huddle by the fireside for this evening of nourishment.


In this webinar we will explore:

  • Finding my inner fuel when I am running on empty
  • Being grounded when I want to react (and bite off someone’s head)
  • Reconnecting with my true voice and letting it be heard


Shari Elle is an experienced communications trainer of 20 years, whose aim is to support every person to stand in their authentic leadership, transforming outdated hierarchical leadership models to one that engages the hearts and participation of every person we are with. She also shares how the solutions to every challenge we face, lies in the quality of how we speak and hear each other - in the ability to identify what is authentically and vitally important and to see through each other's eyes.

Shari is a co-founder of Compassionate Communication (NVC) in Australia and works with organisations, communities, education, government and individuals. She runs a 6-month Peer Leadership Program, working with leaders to live from the powerful foundations of authentic nonviolence.

Shari trains and mentors NVC trainers throughout Australia.

Shari is certified as an international trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication, does training and coaching, and is a lifelong student of how to create the world we want to live in through the way we communicate and connect.

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Nikki Bonus is a change agent on a global frontier aiming to enhance the vital skills of our future leaders. She realised focusing on our future generations teaching social, emotional and physical learning skills was a real opportunity to make an impact. She is an accomplished presenter and trainer with more than 20 years experience in the development and delivery of mindfulness, leadership and wellbeing programs. Nikki comes with raw authenticity and believes that we have a social responsibility to our young people to equip them with the skills to navigate the 21st century. 

She epitomises resilience having been out of home by the age of 16. The tragedies of mental health contributed to her brother taking his life at a young age. Her intrinsic motivation is the belief that no matter where you were born, no matter what family you were born into, anything is
possible. Her aim is to work in collaboration with governments, school communities to see social emotional learning as valued as academic performance.

Thus, Life Skills Group was founded, out of the heart of a social entrepreneur with a mission to reach all children regardless of socio-economic background. For more than a decade, Nikki’s team of 80 teachers has worked across 600 schools, reaching 500,000 primary school children, to build a continuing evidence base of what works for school communities. In 2018, Nikki founded Life Skills Go: an engaging, interactive, blended learning platform that delivers 100’s of age based SEL lessons and produces measurable results for teachers to monitor and respond to individual student wellbeing needs.


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