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Nourishing Resilience in Times of Uncertainty

Principals, teachers and all staff who work in schools are the Leaders of our Future Leaders.

But in this time of immense uncertainty at every level of our lives, how do we sustain ourselves and at the same time inspire our students to flourish and find trust in the world?

When we are hanging on by our fingernails?

And when everything seems so fragile?

This webinar is for you. To nourish you. To help give you tools for you to find your resilience and internal calm when all around you are losing theirs’ (including the children).

And to support your students to navigate these times and trust themselves.

In this webinar we explored:

  • Finding my inner fuel when I am running on empty
  • Being grounded when I want to react (and bite off someone’s head)
  • Reconnecting with my true voice and letting it be heard
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