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Practical Tips & Advice

Learn how to implement wellbeing across your school with proven programs from field experts

Most schools recognise the need to improve, support, and nurture student and teacher wellbeing; however they are challenged with understanding how to start, what to prioritise, how to implement whole school wellbeing and how to measure success.

Danni Hallam and Jack Mitchell are Wellbeing Advisors who have helped hundreds of schools implement wellbeing programs, from in-school curriculums to online programs that support social and emotional learning for students.  Nikki Bonus is the CEO and Founder of Life Skills Group, with the purpose to educate, empower & prioritise the importance of social, emotional, physical & wellbeing learning for students, staff and parents worldwide.

They will discuss real-life case studies on how several schools have started their wellbeing framework with the help of Life Skills programs, staff professional development, and Life Skills GO online digital learning platform. 

During this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Simple guidelines to help you implement whole school wellbeing, and get buy in from your community
  • Real world case studies of how schools have implemented a whole-school wellbeing, whether you are a metro or rural/remote school
  • How to customise a wellbeing program to fit your school’s unique needs. There is no cookie cutter program, find out how to build a program that suits your school community.
  • How Life Skills programs and professional development training help to lay the foundation, build a common language and support your whole school wellbeing framework
  • Tips & Tricks to help your wellbeing programs have more measurable impact


Watch the Webinar Replay