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Our partner schools have found that teaching social emotional literacy is essential to Learning Support. Guildford West Public School (NSW) has found that a holistic approach to teaching social emotional literacy has lead to a 70% decrease in school suspensions. Arranounbai School (NSW) has seen substantial impact of teaching social emotional literacy through Life Skills GO, on the social skills, engagement and academic achievements of students with ASD and ADHD. 

In this webinar, recorded on Wednesday 2 June 2021, CEO and Founder Nikki Bonus invites Stephanie Giles, Assistant Principal of Learning Support at Guildford West Public School (NSW), Stephanie Hopkins, Principal at Arranounbai School (NSW) and Jo-ann Osborne, Assistant Principal at Arranounbai School (NSW) and Autism Intervention Teacher Supporting ASD in the mainstream, to discuss their learning support practices which continue to deliver measurable improvements in student wellbeing and engagement.

In this webinar, our experts discussed:

  • Their strategic and planned approaches to learning support
  • What data they used to inform their strategic direction and evaluate outcomes contributing to the success of their learning support practices
  • How to start measuring wellbeing effectively
  • How Life Skills GO delivers lessons catered to students in learning support
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Watch the webinar replay: