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17th November 2021 - 7-8pm AEDT

Most schools recognise the need to improve, support, and nurture student and teacher wellbeing; however they are challenged with understanding how to start, what to prioritise, how to implement whole-school wellbeing and how to measure success.

In this webinar Nikki Bonus, Founder and CEO of Life Skills Group, alongside panellists Dr Phil Lambert, Michelle Demirel, Assistant Principal at Leichhardt Public School and Jo-ann Osborne, Assistant Principal at Arranounbai School for this webinar discussion on how to plan, implement and continuously measure and report on whole-school wellbeing with Life Skills Group programs. They will explore the role of technology in whole-school wellbeing and why technology is beneficial by providing continuous measurement and reporting. 

In this webinar, held on Wednesday 17th of November 2021, CEO and Founder Nikki Bonus invites Dr Phil Lambert, Michelle Demirel and Jo-ann Osborne to discuss:

  • The role of technology in whole-school wellbeing
  • How wellbeing platforms such as Life Skills GO ensure every student is known, valued and cared for
  • How continuous assessment assists in whole-school wellbeing 
  • Why is technology beneficial in a school environment, particularly for continuous measurement and reporting to respond to students' needs and help take preventative measures
  • How to bring teachers onboard with whole school wellbeing programs
  • How Life Skills GO fits into the school framework through evidence based and syllabus-aligned content


Nikki Bonus is an experienced Edtech founder and CEO of Life Skills Group, harnessing more than 20 years of deeply personal and professional experience in the development and delivery of social-emotional literacy programs for individuals, organisations, and most importantly, teachers and students. Nikki’s work has helped give voice to more than 850 schools, connecting with 20,000 teachers and 500,000 primary school children to build a continuing evidence base of what works to measure, report and implement real improvements in wellbeing for school communities.She was one of a 100 CEOs that was invited to participate in the Google - Engage - Search Inside Yourself leadership program, San Francisco, training her to deliver Transformational Professional Development experiences backed by world experts in neuroscience, leadership, mindfulness and emotional intelligence. She epitomises resilience having been out of home by the age of 16. The tragedies of mental health contributed to her brother taking his life at a young age. Her intrinsic motivation is the belief that no matter where you were born, no matter what family you were born into, anything is possible. Her commitment is to work in collaboration with governments, school communities to see Social Emotional and Physical Literacy as valued as academic performance.

Dr Phil Lambert has extensive experience in education as a school principal; inspector; Executive Director; Assistant Director-General; Regional Director (Schools), Sydney and General Manager, Australian Curriculum where he led the development of Australia’s first national curriculum. He has authored books, presented a number of papers and keynotes at national and international conferences, had a number of articles and occasional papers published in journals, and led statewide reviews and reforms. He is an internationally recognised school education expert.

Dr Lambert is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Sydney where he supports the education faculty and is a member of the Vice-Chancellor’s STEM Academy Board. Dr Lambert is also Adjunct Professor at Nanjing Normal University. He is a Fellow of the Australian College of Educators (ACE), National President of ACE and Chair of the ACE Board.

Dr Lambert has received a number of honours and awards. In the 2012 Queen’s Birthday Honours he was awarded the Public Service Medal for his outstanding contribution to education and in 2013 was the recipient of the Australian College of Educators’ prestigious award, the Sir Harold Wyndham Medal. He was also the 2020 recipient of the NSW Teachers Guild Phyllis Evans Medal.

Dr Lambert currently supports curriculum reform efforts globally, as expert advisor and researcher. He is a Curriculum Expert to the OECD Education 2030 initiative and has been engaged by education ministries in several countries including The Netherlands, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Lithuania to review, guide and support the development of their respective national curriculum reforms.

Michelle Demirel is a long time and passionate classroom teacher and dedicated Deputy Principal/Instructional Leader at Leichhardt Public School. She is committed to supporting all her staff to reflect upon and improve their practice in order to improve student outcomes. As an accredited Lead Teacher, she supports and guides beginning teachers and aspiring HALTs. She is passionate about student and staff wellbeing and participates in as much professional learning as she can to support her understanding of current and best practices in social and emotional learning to implement and nurture initiatives across my school.

Jo-ann Osborne is the Assistant Principal at Arranounbai School where she also teaches an Autism Intervention class for students K-2, coordinates the Wellbeing Team, the PBL (Positive Behaviour for Learning)  Team and is an integral member of the Learning Support Team. Jo-Ann has been recognised with a  Professional Service Award from Autism Spectrum Australia for her 'work in the field of autism spectrum disorders in recognition of an exceptional contribution towards improving the quality of life of people with an autism spectrum disorder'.  She has been working in special education for 17 years and is passionate about providing opportunities for students to access mainstream learning and gain stronger understanding of their own wellbeing and strategies to promote character strengths.