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Join us for a morning of connection, insights and practical tips and tools to equip you to implement and manage personal wellbeing, school wellbeing programs and work with key leadership stakeholders as you bring them on the journey to whole school wellbeing.

This conference, delivered virtually, featured keynote speaker Dr Lucy Hone, and masterclasses delivered by Nikki Bonus, Andrew Doyle and Michelle Demirel. 

Keynote Presentation - Introduction to the science and practice of wellbeing in education: the what and how (Delivered by Dr Lucy Hone)

Masterclass - Using technology to know, value and care for every student (Taught by Nikki Bonus and Michelle Demirel)

In this masterclass, learn from our experts on how to support student wellbeing, insights that show how the right tools can measure wellbeing statistically to help anticipate and avoid incidents, evaluate the effectiveness of wellbeing practices and track long term progress. Take away actionable tips and tools to help:

  • Strategic and planned approaches to whole-school wellbeing
  • How to gather and use data to inform strategic direction and evaluate outcomes contributing to the success of their wellbeing practices
  • How to measure wellbeing effectively
  • How Life Skills GO supports executives and educators in measuring wellbeing

Masterclass - Managing staff wellbeing during remote learning (Taught by Nikki Bonus)

In this exclusive masterclass, Life Skills Group founder and CEO Nikki Bonus provides a deep insight into managing personal and staff wellbeing in the face of the stresses and pressures added by remote learning. With knowledge gathered over 12 years working with educators in schools nationally and internationally, Nikki will share information and tools you can use everyday to improve wellbeing throughout your school and personal life. This includes:

  • Deepen self-awareness and learn how our thoughts and behaviours impact team dynamic
  • Develop awareness of self and others
  • Build effective and non-reactive communication skills
  • Create a culture of trust and inclusion
  • Promote team interactions that create a learning community
  • Optimise team engagement, wellbeing, and collaboration
  • Techniques to improve your daily wellbeing

Masterclass - Building the case for your whole school wellbeing program (Taught by Andrew Doyle)

Andrew Doyle, Principal at Marton Public School and Illawong Public School (NSW) and current educational advisor at Life Skills Group, shares over 30 years of experience creating and running wellbeing programs within schools. Andrew shares key insights into how to take leadership teams, faculties and peers on the wellbeing journey. This includes:

  • Evaluating wellbeing programs to build a business case
  • Assessing the tools and how to communicate their value effectively
  • Engaging the community to ensure broad uptake and buy-in

Watch replay now:


Dr Lucy Hone is an Adjunct Senior Professor at the University of Canterbury, a co-director of the New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience, a published academic researcher and best-selling author and blogger for Psychology Today. Having been trained by the thought-leaders in wellbeing science, at the University of Pennsylvania, Lucy went on to attain her PhD in public health at AUT University in Auckland. She now assists organisations – from government departments, to leading law firms and schools – to design and implement wellbeing and resilience initiatives creating sustained and meaningful change. A member of the NZAPP Executive Committee, conference convenor for Wellbeing in Education NZ, and New Zealand’s only representative of the International Positive Education Network (IPEN), Lucy’s research has been published in several peer-reviewed academic journals including the Journal of Positive Psychology, Social Indicators Research, the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, the International Journal of Wellbeing and NZ Journal of Human Resources Management. Her best-selling book Resilient Grieving is published in NZ, Australia, the US and England and her latest book, The Educators’ Guide to Whole-school Wellbeing is published by Taylor & Francis London and is a global publication for the UK, Asia, US and Australasia. Her TED talk, the Three Secrets of Resilient People, has had over 3 million views and has been translated into 15 different languages. After being promoted to the official TED platform, Dr Lucy’s TEDx has been recognised globally as one of the top 20 TED Talks of 2020.

Nikki Bonus is an experienced Edtech founder and CEO of Life Skills Group, harnessing more than 20 years of deeply personal and professional experience in the development and delivery of social-emotional literacy programs for individuals, organisations, and most importantly, teachers and students. Nikki’s work has helped give voice to more than 850 schools, connecting with 20,000 teachers and 500,000 primary school children to build a continuing evidence base of what works to measure, report and implement real improvements in wellbeing for school communities.She was one of a 100 CEOs that was invited to participate in the Google - Engage - Search Inside Yourself leadership program, San Francisco, training her to deliver Transformational Professional Development experiences backed by world experts in neuroscience, leadership, mindfulness and emotional intelligence. She epitomises resilience having been out of home by the age of 16. The tragedies of mental health contributed to her brother taking his life at a young age. Her intrinsic motivation is the belief that no matter where you were born, no matter what family you were born into, anything is possible. Her commitment is to work in collaboration with governments, school communities to see Social Emotional and Physical Literacy as valued as academic performance.

Michelle Demirel is a long time and passionate classroom teacher and dedicated Deputy Principal/Instructional Leader at Leichardt Public School.She is committed to supporting all her staff to reflect upon and improve their practice in order to improve student outcomes. As an accredited Lead Teacher, she supports and guides beginning teachers and aspiring HALTs. She is passionate about student and staff wellbeing and participate in as much professional learning as she can to support her understanding of current and best practices in social and emotional learning to implement and nurture initiatives across my school.

Andrew Doyle has worked with the Department of Education for the last 28 years. His interest in wellbeing started when he started teaching at Lurnea Public School where he became an Assistant Principal that was responsible for student wellbeing. He later accepted a promotion to Deputy Principal at Gymea Bay, and then became Principal at Illawong Public School and Marten Public School. As a Sydney East PSSA Life Member and former President of Sutherland PPC, Andrew has worked hard to make a difference in the lives of all students, despite competing priorities as a leader. He dedicated his time with the Department of Education in helping students, no matter their background, to strive to achieve their best. In taking a leave of absence from the Department of Education, Andrew is working in a consultancy and advisory role with Life Skills Group with the aim to assist as many students as possible across the country.