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Life Skills Group Programs Empower Teachers

Every teacher is a leader of our future generation of leaders. Our engaging and innovative programs help teachers empower students as confident, resilient and creative citizens. Teachers are equipped with tools and resources to grow the social emotional intelligence students need to succeed now and in the future.

Our parallel workshop series focused on teacher wellbeing and mindful leadership helps educators to nurture a professional culture of social emotional intelligence and collaboration in schools ensuring that they can thrive and grow as positive and impactful leaders of their learning community.

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What We Offer

  • Curriculum-aligned, innovative and engaging lessons
  • Programs to enhance social, emotional & physical capabilities
  • Specially trained experts
  • Unique whole school approach
  • Practical skills for learning and life

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School Outcomes

Improved school wellbeing

Improved academic results and problem solving skills

Increased resilience and self regulation

Positive relationship skills resulting in decreased bullying

Self-awareness and emotional intelligence

Growth mindset

“It's essential in order to maximize teaching, learning and preventing the possibility of depression, anxiety, and or similar conditions.”

Teacher, Blaxcell Street Public School

Professional Development

School Programs for Teachers


In our teacher wellbeing workshops, you will explore wellness science and develop core skills needed for optimal individual wellbeing, better enabling you to focus your attention on creating a harmonious and positive learning environment in your classroom.

  • 6 hours of NESA Registered PD
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Our self-management programs will help to enhance your communication, personal leadership and classroom management.

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This program will equip you with a repertoire of valuable skills that will help you towards a greater sense of balance and purpose.

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You will develop a flexible repertoire of skills and strategies that you can use to support the development of students’ physical, social, emotional and intellectual skills, leading to improved student learning outcomes.

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Online Masterclasses For Teachers

These NESA registered online masterclasses equip you with learning, curriculum aligned strategies and highly engaging resources empowering your students to actively manage their own health and wellbeing.

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NESA Registered and aligned to the Australian Standards

We are committed to providing high quality professional development helping teachers to continuously improve and maintain their teaching practice and develop their careers. Our professional development contributes to mandatory requirements for maintaining teacher accreditation. All of our programs are aligned to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and selected programs are also endorsed by NESA, which allows teachers to claim NESA registered hours.


Workshops and Retreats

We host workshops throughout the year for teachers. In our workshops you will learn how to strengthen the human skills of yourself and the students you teach. You will learn how to help reduce anxiety, build resilience and flourish in life. Join one of our workshops and connect with like-minded people in our passionate community.

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Impact Stories

“My understanding of the intentions of the professional development course was to instill an awareness of the importance of mental, social and physical wellbeing of teaching staff. How our physical and mental health correlates to teaching performance and the flow on to student learning. We were given some practical advice and strategies that could be implemented in an effort to optimize the outcomes for all key stakeholders involved in contributing to student learning..”


Umina Beach Public School

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“The session reminded me of the importance of teacher wellbeing and how we need to manage our emotions (always in the classroom) so we'll deal more effectively with students.”


Keilor Downs Secondary College

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“Practical and interactive skills that will build positive relationships between school and community. A positive mindset with resilience encouraged.”


Coniston Public School

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“This has reinforced the importance of here and now and also keeping the mind healthy and sound.”


Resurrection House Primary School

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“A welcomed reminder of the importance of both in maintaining positive health and well being of school staff, students and the community. Built on my own personal experiences practicing yoga and meditation and also tapped into a previous incursion held at our school in 2016, Breathe Project - teaching students and teachers the technique of deep breathing.”


Lugarno Public School

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“I have gained a more thorough understanding of what mindfulness is about and that it will benefit our school and students.”


Narellan Public School

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