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Life Skills Group Programs Empower Schools

We empower the whole school with social, emotional and physical skills so that both students and educators can thrive.

We take a unique whole school approach that supports achieving long-term benefits from our programs. By taking this approach to social, emotional and physical learning, we can better achieve a common language throughout the school that addresses social, emotional and physical concepts, strategies for reducing anxiety and stress amongst students and educators alike, along with increasing resilience and positive relationship skills.

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What We Offer

  • Curriculum-aligned, innovative and engaging lessons
  • Programs to enhance social, emotional & physical capabilities
  • Specially trained experts
  • Unique whole school approach
  • Practical skills for learning and life

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School Outcomes

Improved school wellbeing

Improved academic results and problem solving skills

Increased resilience and self regulation

Positive relationship skills resulting in decreased bullying

Self-awareness and emotional intelligence

Growth mindset

What We Do


Our in-school programs equip students with skills needed to deal with challenges successfully and to reach their potential as learners and leaders of the future.


We help teachers and school teams create positive learning environments that empower students as confident, resilient and creative citizens.

Impact Stories

“My Kindergarten class developed self regulation and calming skills over the 10 week program. I saw a huge improvement in their ability to implement the calming exercises into class life to improve wellbeing and engagement. I highly recommend the program and its benefits on primary children.”

Rebekah Murray,

Hammondville Public School

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“Lots of things to think about... especially in work life balance. I realise that well-being is an important part of our everyday life and should have a place for students staff and parents. Something that I will endeavour to include in my future planning for myself, staff and students..”


Belmont North Public School

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“Students always looked forward to their next lesson. Students gained many life skills, including social interactions with their peers and how to manage difficult or challenging situations. Instructor was awesome! She had complete control of the students and created an environment that was both exciting and relaxing for the students. Would love to have this program at our school next year.”


Aspendale Gardens Primary School

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“It's essential in order to maximize teaching, learning and preventing the possibility of depression, anxiety, and Alzheimer's in the long run (or similar conditions).”

Kate McCormick,

St Thomas More Primary School

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Life skills is an excellent program which helps children work on how important values are and how to use them in our lives. Children learnt to focus and concentrate more during class times and worked better in teamwork activities. Thank you for teaching our children valuable skills and techniques. We had an awesome time :)

Siobhan McGarry,

Dandenong South Primary School

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“Mindfulness and wellbeing is not a luxury but an essential part of a healthy life. A shared knowledge among all of the staff means that we can look out and assist each other :)”


Lindfield Public School

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