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Webinar: Your Wellbeing in Times of Uncertainty

By Life Skills Group

Published 24 August 2020 15.00 PM

It all starts with you. Simple strategies to support your wellbeing.

Life Skills Group CEO and Founder, Nikki Bonus, and Danni Hallam held a free 1 hour online workshop to give parents practical tools to navigate through these challenging times.

This workshop covered:

  • The effect of our wellbeing on those around us
  • What is Social-Emotional Wellbeing and why is it so important for us and our children
  • Practical simple tips and exercises to begin to enhance your wellbeing
  • Why it is ok to not be ok, but it's important not to stay there
  • What is happening in our brain when we are anxious and frightened
  • Unpacking mindfulness

Register today to receive the FREE recording of the 1 hour workshop on how to navigate these uncertain times to create resilience and wellbeing.




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