The life skills program encourages students to be calm and reflective - to be aware of how they feel and how best to deal with their emotions. Identifying emotions is not easy and a very valuable skill.

Kate McCormick, St Thomas More Primary School

These Life Skills sessions were fantastic, students really benefitted from them and I could see the skills being transferred into the classroom!

Stephanie, Coburg North Primary School

It has been a great program for the kids and has been a highlight of their week. We have even written detailed recounts on the Life Skills sessions. The kids have learnt vital skills to relax and calm themselves. The teachers have been understanding and professional and it has been a great initiative.

Tim Harrison, Cheltenham East Primary School

Life Skills has been invaluable in teaching my class to be calm and focused. So many activities are easy to do in the classroom everyday. Students value the experience and are choosing to use the skills they've learnt in Life Skills rather than react aggressively - especially in the playground.  It's so useful to be able to say "use your belly breathing" to calm down an angry student and they have something to recall and use.

Melissa Summers, Birrong Public School

Students who participated in the healthy life skills program learnt about positive thoughts and a positive mindset combined with inner strength. The calmness that the lessons instilled carried back into the classroom and throughout the whole day. Students have even told us that they have been teaching members of their family the techniques at home.

Thomas Peel & Natalie Walker, St James Catholic School

A fantastic experience for students to learn the importance of being calm and showing self control. Thank you!

Tracy Brown, St. Kieran's Primary School

Life Skills and the fantastic teachers who run it, is a wonderful program that can be further implemented into the classroom (even after the program has finished). It allows students to become more aware and mindful of themselves and others and provides the opportunity for students to discover ways of overcoming issues or barriers as well as giving them time to 'step out' of their busy everyday life, and concentrate on their breathing, body and thoughts. I couldn't speak more highly of it.

Rhian Libro, Lidcombe Public School

The Healthy Skills for Life Program is such a positive and engaging program for students. My students were able to transfer the skills that they learned into their everyday lives both inside and outside of school life. By teaching our students these skills early in life, it equips them with the skills needed all throughout their lives. If we can instil these qualities in our children then we are helping them live as healthy members of society for the future. I am very grateful for the opportunity my students and I had in participating in this program.

Lorraine Coassin, St Thomas Mores School

Thank you for a wonderful term - the children loved coming every time.  I can definitely see the difference in focus.

Miss Calvi, Wheeler Heights Public School

Healthy Skills for Life is not just about Yoga it is about a whole range of processes that benefit the wellbeing of children socially, emotionally and physically. The students have benefited and learnt from this program and had heaps of fun! Thank you for a great time!

Theresa Ho, King Park Public School

Our students have responded positively to Life Skills Group. They are able to transfer their learning to the classroom and apply the calm and thoughtful approaches where they are applicable.

They also enjoyed the lessons too!

Sue Griffiths , St. Pius

My students thoroughly enjoyed the participating in the LifeSkillsGroup program. The students learnt important values and skills throughout the program under the guidance of very experienced and enthusiastic instructors.

Alex Lau, Boronia Park Public School

So many benefits! Students are more relaxed, at ease and in touch with their thoughts and bodies.  The program has provided us with many different calming and coping strategies and shows us that it can be fun to relax!

Alex Pullar & Orestri Nitsios, Mordialloc Beach Primary School

So many benefits! Students are more relaxed, at ease and in touch with their thoughts and bodies.  The program has provided us with many different calming and coping strategies and shows us that it can be fun to relax!

Alex Pullar & Orestri Nitsios, Mordialloc Beach Primary School

Bryony was a fantastic teacher. She was calm and clear. There was a diverse range of activities that helped the students learn how to be calmer. I will try and incorporate more in our program in future.

Alexandra Hilvert, Princes Hill

A great calming program that helps children focus and interact successfully. 

Alexandra Loizos, Five Dock Public School

A great calming program that helps children focus and interact successfully. 

Alexandra Loizos, Five Dock Public School

A lovely experience. Your students built skills through learning new poses. you could see the difference in their confidence within a few session. Thank you very much ! 

Ali Cullen, Willoughby Public School

The course was very valuable for all children. Children learn to listen, keep calm, develop body awareness and work together.

Alison Wagstaffe, Summer Hill Public School

The course was very valuable for all children. Children learn to listen, keep calm, develop body awareness and work together.

Alison Wagstaffe, Summer Hill Public School

The course was very valuable for all children. Children learn to listen, keep calm, develop body awareness and work together.

Alison Wagstaffe, Summer Hill Public School

What a great experience for both the students and the teachers. We all loved every session. Thank you Tamsyn! 

Allyson Bartley, Lugarno Public School

 It has helped to further develop the social cohesion of my class which in turn has reduced the number of incidents of misbehavior amongst the group.

 The children were always so excited to come to joy each week, as was I!

Life Skills Group helped to develop the social cohesion of my class and the spatial awareness of each child. I’m not sure who was more excited about going to the session each week – the students or myself!

Alyce Robertson, Randwick Public School

Life Skills Group has implemented an eight week program for our students from preschool to Year 6 for the last five years. 

The program has provided students with an opportunity to explore moving their bodies and using their breathing to support establishing and holding postures in a supportive, fun and curriculum based program.  The program assists students to develop concentration, spatial awareness, balance and through partner work, encourages co-operation and collaboration. 

The program is accessible for all students as adjustments are made to meet individual needs. 

The Family Day provided parents/caregivers with an opportunity to learn about what their children were doing in the lessons, as well as participate with them. 

Classroom teachers have been involved in all lessons and have had the opportunity to learn simple techniques to assist the students back in the classroom to refocus between lessons. 

The values taught are congruent with our school values and thus reinforce these as being transferable across contexts.   The Life Skills Group teaching staff have always been professional and approachable. 

A copy of the program is available for all teachers and an assessment of each child is provided at the end of the program. 

At Five Dock Public School, the Life Skills Group program is a high valued component of our whole school physical education program.

Amanda Dawkins, Principal, Five Dock Primary School

Fun for all ages, engaging for students and relaxing for all. 

Amanda Howill, Peakhurst Public School,

Great participation activity engaging students to learn focus and relaxation techniques!

Amanda Peter, St. Joseph the Worker VIC,

The students really enjoyed the lessons and were very calm through the lessons.  The content in the classes was brilliant and Tamzin was a fantastic leader.  The students responded well to her.  We will definitely like to have Life Skills Group back at UPS.

Amy, Undercliffe Public School

My year 3/4 composite class have loved their experience through the Life Skills group. They have been very enthusiastic to participate and have been able to focus on the movements and activities during each session. Tamsyn is a lovely teacher and she has excellent group management skills. Her high expectations and respect for the students is fantastic both for me as a teacher to watch and for the students to experience. I know that the class will miss her and their sessions next term. 

Ann Jones, Lugarno Public School

All students looked forward to their weekly class. Students were very focused during the classes.

Anne Brown, Alfords Point Public School

Program allows students to leave their worries behind and focus on self. They also need to respect others, allowing each person to relax. Give students strategies to relax and just enjoy quietness.

Anne Brown, Alfords Point Public School

The instructor was great! She had all the students engaged and interested. The activities were varied and allowed the students to have fun as well as practice being calm and still. She dealt with any behavioural issues in a calm way which allowed the students to carry on with the lesson.

Anne Buttigieg, St James Catholic school

I have now watched the LSG Program as a kindy teacher, stage one and stage two and I have enjoyed watching each lesson. Thanks!

Ashlee Lasalo, Newtown Public School

Thank you for helping my class to relax and concentrate for longer periods of time.

Balusi Nunez, Randwick Public School

Thank you for your positivity, passion and provision of this program.



Barbara Johnson Beecroft Public School,

The Life Skills Group program is a fantastic way for young children to learn to be still, calm and to think carefully about their bodies. Thank you for running this excellent program.

Beau Robertson, Malvern Primary School

Great teaching and great program.

Ben Clough, Glebe Public School

I Brendan Newman testify that Life Skills Group has attended Flemington Primary School throughout the duration of 2014 to provide a fantastic program from preps to Gr6. Their program is extremely well thought out and caters specifically to primary school students. All teachers involved have found the program beneficial to our students well-being and behaviour throughout our school. It is a program I would recommend to all Primary Schools and complements any Physical Education program.

Brendan Newman, Health & Physical Education Coordinator, Flemington Primary School

The LifeSkillsGroup program was a fabulous addition to our school program. Children quickly learned to settle immediately on arrival. The calm start to our day meant that we had a fabulous learning day. We could make connections between what we did in the class to playground behaviour or games we were playing. 

Bronwyn Howell, Ripponlea Primary School

This program has been wonderfully beneficial to our students both in terms of their personal development and attitude in the classroom.  Through the various activities, students learned to work co-operatively, developed communication skills, and learned respect in an inclusive environment.  We wish it went for six weeks more!

Bryce Walker & Lauren Duncan, Glebe Public School

It has been a pleasure watching the children develop and grow through the term. Faye is professional and wonderful with the children. It is a great addition to their busy and sometimes crowded week. Thank you.

Carlie Gilbertson, Putney Public School

What a great experience! Life Skills Group is AWESOME !

Nikki and Danica (the fab teachers) were professional, approachable, kind and knowledgeable. They exceeded my expectations as instructors far beyond.

Our students were highly engaged through out the lessons while being taught relaxation and concentration techniques in a happy, safe environment.

The best part - the calmness that was instilled in our students

The worst part- the program had to end!

Caryn Keir, Marrickville West Public School,

Our Year 4, 5 and 6 students have enjoyed this program and it catered well for a wide range of physical abilities. It was great to see the kids engaged in an activity many have never experienced before.

Charlotte Mylchreest, Glebe Public School,

The program provides children with an opportunity to build physical and mental strength and stamina, while promoting the importance of maintaining a calm and reflective mental state.

Chris Anthony, Five Dock

Keep doing what you're doing!

Chris Toohey, Dobroyd Point Public School,

What an amazing program for students to experience. Most would not have participated in anything like this before.

Christian Vogel, Cessnock West Public School

Sascha, the instructor, has a lovely manner with the children. Her gentle manner & patience allows children to have fun & throughout the lesson, the children become calmer.

Connie Thermos, Armadale Primary School

I would highly recommend the LifeSkillsGroup program.  They have taught the children breathing and relaxation in a safe, encouraging and nurturing environment.  All of the children have benefited greatly from the program and look forward to it each week.

Dianne Viola, St Bridget's Greythorn Primary School

What a great program! Highly engaging, practical and fun for students.

Donna Layton, Bonnet Bay Public School

Danica has been a fantastic teacher. Excellent behaviour management. She has a very positive and encouraging nature that the students respond well to. Always clear with instructions, students understand what they need to do. It's a safe, happy, positive environment.

Elizabeth Upton, Peakhurst Public School

My students were very engaged, relaxed and calm during the LifeSkillsGroup lesson. The physical, social and emotional benefits for the students are clear!

Erin Ryan, Engadine Public School

I was so surprised and amazed with how you delivered this program to young children. Our students loved each lesson and were excited to attend the next one. They became more relaxed and stronger! All of your instructors are friendly, kind and patient. We will definitely be booking again! Thank you!

Fleur Dean, Dingley Primary School

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the LifeSkillsGroup lessons taken by Lian.  It has reinforced our school values  such as respect for each other and self.  It has been wonderful to watch our students try something new and hear how some are using techniques at home.  It has also been fantastic to watch the students get a lot out of the relaxation part of the lesson and really focus on the story and really feel present in the story.  Thank you! We will be booking again!

Fleur Dean, Dingley Primary School

We have had every grade from Prep to Grade 6 participate in LSG this year.  It has been a wonderful experience for the children who have thoroughly enjoyed it!! Thank you!

Fleur Dean, Dingley Primary School

All the students enjoy coming to their session and seeing Tamsyn. They look forward to coming to the class and have a good relationship with Tamsyn. She is patient and kind to the students. She maintains the focus and engagement of all students during their sessions. Tamsyn uses relatable and easy instructions for all students to understand. She stays calm whilst managing 25 students and is able to ensure they are all doing the right thing. 

Franchesca Halford, Vaucluse Public School

Better concentration.  Calmness!  It has been wonderful having Faye as our teacher.  She is firm yet respectful.  She is always enthusiastic and makes sure all the girls are involved and respected.  So much positive reinforcement too.

Gaby Smith, Loreto

An excellent program to encourage calm and pleasure in relaxation and exercise. 

Gai Rich, Malvern Primary School

Thanks, the meditation part of the sessions were a wonderful chance for the students to have some quiet time to re-energise their minds.

Gemma Lovell, St Mary Magdalen's

We loved that you were able to smoothly adapt between the varying year leaves, that you established who you were and what your expectations were before students entered the class.

Gina Oliver, Southern Cross Grammar, VIC

Faye and Gabby are great facilitators. They are so prepared, their lessons are engaging and always a high level of interest for the children. I would love to continue with this program. It’s something we all look forward to each week! I have tried to include as much as possible from these lessons in my class and lesson breaks. They work so well and help the children to refocus. Thank you girls, we thoroughly enjoyed our time with you!!! 

Glenda Williams , Belmont North Public School

This is a brilliant program that would do wonders to promote concentration and mindfulness, coordination, muscle strength and tone. A fantastic program for young children!

Graeme Trewin, St James Catholic School

Miss Tamsyn was a very good teacher who engaged all students. The program was definitely a highlight of the week.

Hannah Chapple, Undercliffe Public School

The LSG program provides a very positive experience for students, while gaining the understanding that all their actions have consequences in the way it affects them and others. 

Helen Rago, Five Dock Public School

Thank you. Kindergarten really looked forward to their sessions :)

Ilona Mills, Willoughby Public School,

The LifeSkillsGroup classes have provided a very positive forum for exercising our bodies and minds.

Jacky Plummer-Knight, Forest Lodge Public School

My students thoroughly enjoyed this program.  They enjoyed the meditation experiences and enjoyed learning challenging poses and applying these to active games. 

James Lee, Glebe Public School

Exploring exercise through storytelling is a wonderful way for students to make meaningful and creative connections to the self, others and their imaginations.

Janelle Hesz, Newtown Public School

Danica has a pleasant manner and is genuinely interested in developing children's well being.  It has been a positive experience having her teach yoga at our school. 

Janelle Turner, Bonnet Bay Public School

The sessions are well run and obviously thought out with care. The manner of the teachers is gentle and respectful to students.

Janet Walker, Newtown Public School

We have thoroughly enjoyed our program. It has been pleasing to see the improvement throughout the sessions in the children's movements, breathing and, all important, relaxation. We have loved bringing techniques learnt in the sessions back into our everyday classroom life like taking a lion breath if we need to calm down! The teachers are professional, warm and lovely. It has been a pleasure incorporating the Life Skills Group program into our curriculum. 

Jayne Christopher, Prep teacher, Ivanhoe East Primary School

This was a very positive and rewarding experience, especially for developing calming strategies for our new preps in their transition to school. The educators were experienced, and managed the children in such a calm and relaxed manner, which ensured a calm and positive experience. 

Jenny Cracknell, Malvern Primary School

Faye was an extremely motivated and confident leader of the program, having the highest expectations of our students.

Jenny Hensen, Our Lady of the Way

Wonderful program. Would love it every year. 

Jenny Malliaras, Summer Hill Public School

Thank You, Nikki! The children enjoyed their session today and felt calm, energised and alive!

Jo Hanna, Our Lady of Perpetual Help,

We had LifeSkillsGroup classes for our year 3/4 kids. They were wonderfully engaging, professionally taught and fun. The whole class benefited immensely.

Jo Rawlings, Forest Lodge Public School

I would highly recommend Life Skills Group. The children were engaged in all aspects of the program - listening carefully, following Kylee's movements and instructions, participating enthusiastically in the games and then thoroughly enjoying the relaxing conclusion to each of the sessions. Kylee was fantastic with the children. 

Jo-Ann Struthers, Mentone Park Primary School

The content and instruction is superb; the best I've experienced from external agencies in our school.

Joanne Dwyer,

A fantastic Program, thoroughly enjoyed by the entire class. As a teacher I saw big improvements in behaviour and maturity from all the kids especially from the 18 every enthusiastic, emotional boys.

Jon Craddock, Willoughby Public School

Tamsyn gained the respect of the children easily with her relaxed but firm delivery. The children were very receptive and enjoyed the benefits of the program and skills learnt to relax, while at the same time improving their balance and core strength. Thank you, it’s a shame that it needs to end. 

Judy Harris, Lugarno Public School

Our weekly LSG sessions have been wonderful with Tamsyn! Our students at Forest Lodge look forward to this wonderful spiritual experience each week! Thank you Life Skills Group! I have no hesitation in recommending Tamsyn and Life Skills Group to other schools.

Julia De Bono, Forest Lodge Public School

The program is well designed for young student participation.  A calming and enjoyable activity.  It has been great, kids have loved it and I have loved it!

Julia Morgan, Vaucluse Public School

Thanks for a great semester we have thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

Kara McMenemy, Vaucluse Public School

Great variety, children love the poses.  They have tuned into being calm and relaxed and focused!  Keep up the good work!  My students look forward to coming each week.  They have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Kara McMenerny, Vaucluse Public School

The children look forward to the program.  They now realize that it is sport, not just running around and racing.  I loved the content and the peaceful way it was presented.  Thank you Stacey.

Karen Sullivan, St Kierans Catholic Primary

A program that supports the values of public education while allowing students to grow in strength, co-ordination, listening skills and concentration.  A wonderful learning opportunity for teachers and students.

Karla Aspden, Vaucluse Public School

Class was great, very impressive sequencing and management.

Kate Pullen, Lindfield East Primary

Like the use of the word 'respect' and we have been following up with this in our classrooms. Improved flexibility and listening skills. Like the way they work with partners.

Kath Dugan & Sue O’Hare, Sutherland North Public School

The girls always look forward to their session each week. They are always engaged throughout their sessions and I can see an increase in coordination and listening skills with some girls. We are looking forward to the program next year! 

Katharine Slattery, Loreto Kirribilli

  • The calming /listening /thinking has slowed some of my kids’ minds down and now I can get them to breath and think when they are upset.

    Our teacher was fabulous with the students and was able to cope with their uniqueness.   Thank you Life Skills Group


Katherine Arrowsmith, Randwick Public School

Kindergarten at Coogee Public School have thoroughly enjoyed being involved in the LifeSkillsGroup program. The children have worked cooperatively in pairs, have improved their balance, focus and have learnt relaxation techniques. I highly recommend the program for any age group.

Katrina Iredale, Coogee Public School

Great Job again Miss Faye and Miss Svenja.  The students were engaged and enjoyed participating in the sessions.

Kelly Borg, Newtown Public School

The Life Skills Group teachers came in to work with me and my soon to graduate bunch of Year 6 students. Together we worked on identifying potential areas of stress that may occur during their transition into high school and then we looked at positive solutions to these dilemmas, focusing on a healthy body and a healthy mind. The responses and suggestions generated by my students were of a very thoughtful nature and I credit this to the way the session was facilitated by the Life Skills Group staff. It was a safe, nurturing and open environment where opinions and ideas were shared freely and potential areas of stress alleviated. I thoroughly recommend this session to any schools looking to enrich to their high school transition program for Year 6 students.

Kelly McGowan, Assistant Principal, Newton Public School

This has been a valuable experience for the students. They have love the imaginative games that makes doing the program lots of fun. A Very worthwhile program.

Kendall Davis, Willoughby Public School

Life Skills Group is a fun and easy way to introduce students to a form of physical activity they are likely to have never experience."


Kirsty Parra, Glebe Public School,

Outstanding program!  Very worthwhile for stage 3 Students and their teacher!  Students have learnt the ability to relax, breathe and take their minds off their busy lives for one cherished session each week.  This program has equipped students with skills they can use in their future journeys through life.

Leanne Nielsen, Lindfield East Primary School

Love LSG, children love LSG. 

Leonie Jones, Illawong Public School

The girls have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the Life Skills Group classes. I would recommend them to any school for a variety of learning experiences. 

Libbi Johnston, Loreto Kirribilli

I have seen a difference in the students focus after the sessions. It has had a calming effect on them and helped them to focus for longer in learning sessions. All students have really enjoyed participating in these sessions. 

Lyn White, St Mary Magdalen's

The feedback and reflections from my class were very positive. they could all see and feel the benefits. 

Lyn White, St Mary Magdalene's, VIC,

Students are settled, calm and contained.  Faye has a lovely, yet firm manner with students.  She integrates everyday healthy living ideas – easy for students to grasp.

Maria Emmi, Loreto

I feel that it is a wonderful and necessary experience for students of all ages.

Mary, Princes Hill

Come again next year! A very valuable program.  The children were responsive and the program was age appropriate.

Mary Brown, St Kierans Catholic Primary

Children feel relaxed and settled after each lesson.  Overall, Life Skills Group has been a fantastic program to partake in.  Children have enjoyed each lesson and have learned many new poses.  Thank you for your program.

Mary Nakhle, Undercliff Public School

Calmer and more settled.  Great program!

Matt Menagazzo, Sutherland North Public School

The 8 week Life Skills Group program was incorporated into the 3 year olds to Year One PE classes during Term Three.

Not only did the students learn many different postures and games, they also learnt about respecting one another and their surroundings, listening to instructions and breathing and relaxation techniques to calm themselves.

 We found the program to be a huge success and feel it would benefit all the junior school students. We look forward to continuing the journey with the girls in 2013.

Mia Ryding, Ivanhoe Girls Grammer Victoria

I felt that most of the students really enjoyed the course.  Our instructor had a very positive attitude and was impressive in her management of the group.  The program was a new experience for me, but a very positive one.  Both the students and teachers really enjoyed the course.

Michael Baker & Kim Noonan, Holy Family Menai

The program has been very beneficial for all participants. Students are using a variety of techniques learnt during these sessions to handle tense situations. 

Michael Mandas, Belmont North Public School

I've been thoroughly impressed with the highly engaging experiences provided by the Life Skills Group program. The students were eager to attend lessons every week and strategies were used in the classroom with anxiety and behaviour issues. Faye was fantastic working with students with challenging behaviours by displaying a calm yet positive manner with the students. Very worthwhile!!

Michelle Brooks, Putney Public School

The children really enjoy attending their Life Skills Group sessions!

They often comment about the fun they have had. Many children are practising the moves at home. I am also incorporating some of the moves in my class a during lesson breaks.

The children respond quickly and a sense of calm follows.

When I observe my children during each session I can see real improvements in listening, following instructions, co ordination and being able to stand and be in the correct positions.

This is a brilliant program. Thank you 

Michelle Donoghoe, Summer Hill Public School

The teacher Faye, is kind to the students and calm in her instruction and delivery of the program.

Miss Karen Agius, Five Dock Public School

Thanks for your valuable input into the students learning and help in them growing to be their best self. Also thanks for making the program so fun.  I really enjoyed seeing the children get involved and have a great time. 

Miss MacDonnell, Five Dock Public School

Much more focused and responsive throughout the day. All students eagerly await their session throughout the week and it is great to see a transformation of some more unsettled students.  Loved all activities and would love any of the resources you use to continue to practice throughout the year! Wish I had written more down!  Thankyou so much, it was been a wonderful few weeks! The instructors are amazing, it has gone too quickly!

Miss Noble, Lindfield East Primary

I would like to thank Faye for her expertise. Her kind and gentle manner towards the children and for allowing me to join her classes this term. Faye is a great instructor. Thank you.

Miss O'Brien, Boronia Park Public School

A fabulous, fun and highly practical program with so many benefits for children of all ages! My students love it and have learnt so much!

Miss Scott, Boronia Park Public School

Listening Skills have improved.  Students appear calmer.  Thank you! Students enjoyed all the experiences. And enjoyed the LSG program.

Miss Stanton, Lindfield East

My children are now more able to settle down to a task when reminded of their yoga techniques. I now get the class to lie down and I get them to close their eyes and visualise what it is I,m saying. This is a great activity when my "Dynamic" class are restless.

I believe this program and the manner in which it was executed by Danni and Faye was excellent.

Miss Sue Bosler, Summer Hill Public School

I have been very pleased with the quality of both the course presenters and the course material. 

Miss Vanessa Carter & Ms Sheetu Arora, St Vincent's Public School

The program teaches calmness and respect for bodies, environment and each other.

Monica Hicks, Undercliffe Public School

Faye is an excellent instructor. She gets a lot from the girls in a calm, respectful way. 

Monique Rava, Loreto Kirribilli

This has been a great experience for the kids they engaged in every class, and looked forward to improving.

Mr Chalres Townsend, Randwick Public School

The students are calmer after a their lessons.  The sessions were a valuable addition to the students school experience. The teacher was very professional and the students were able to put their learning into practise. The relaxation sessions at the end were very beneficial. The teacher gave very clear instructions and practical display of the poses.

Mr Chris Anthony, Five Dock Public School

The students can more clearly articulate their need to relax, be calm and be healthy.

Mr Chris Sanders, Five Dock Public School

They are calmer more relaxed and quieter.

Mr Christopher Murphy, St. Pius

Improved teamwork, listening and concentration. Children are calm and relaxed when returning to class. 

Mr Fleming & Mr Warwick, Sutherland North Public School

Faye was a fantastic facilitator of the lessons. She is very calm and the students respond well to her. 

Mr Tom Walters,

The kindergarten children loved the experience at Willoughby Public School! Thank you Life Skills Group!

Mr. Mathews, Willoughby Public School,

My kindy class have enjoyed the activities and it has been a calming, centring experience for the children. 

Mr. Mconie, Willoughby Public School,

The instructors were fantastic and the activities and content taught to the children was of a very high quality.  Thanks and I hope to see Life Skills Group at our school again soon.

Mr. Steel, Cranbourne West Primary School

Our teachers have noticed students are calmer and more focused. They seem to concentrate more, thereby enhancing their learning. We have also observed physical benefits.

Mrs Cathie Blinman. Principal, St Pius,Enmore

I have noticed the children are calm and settled and responded positively when asked how they felt at the conclusion of last week.  I recall in their subsequent religion lesson how focused they were which I believe indicates how relaxed they were following the session.  

The children very much enjoy participating in the session as they left in a cheerful manner last week.  Also, they were excited about coming to the class beforehand this morning. 

Thank you for your time and for making this session engaging, enjoyable and meaningful for the children.

Mrs Geraldine Radomski & Megan Hollingsworth, St. Pius

Students are more settled and focused on return to class.
Has been great for kids that find physical activity difficult (pace wise) and yet still provides a challenge to those "sporty" kids
Great for developing balance, coordination and general core strength. I was amazed at how many students, though talented athletes found the balance, core strength and flexibility activities a challenge.

Faye you have done a fantastic job. Especially appreciate the extra effort and outside the box thinking you have done to motivate.

Mrs Holmes, Five Dock Public School

The children are better at following more than one direction and in class we use some poses for getting settled.

Mrs Kerrison, Five Dock Public School

We all enjoyed these lessons and it had a calming effect on most children.

Mrs Merran Moore, Marks Point Public School

A very beneficial program enjoyed by all students.

Mrs O'Brien, Beecroft Public School

It was a great experience for my kindergarten class. They gained lots of tools for self awareness and gained strength through the various games and activities involved. Faye was fantastic and I look forward to participating in the LifeSkillsGroup program again in the near future.

Mrs Sky Lombardo, Boronia Park Public School

It was very pleasing to have such professional support in the provision of the Life Skills Group classes to the students of the school. I was very impressed with the quality of instruction as well as they flexibility in providing for a pathway for teachers and students to be exposed to this form of exercise.

The classes provided the vehicle for students to be learn how to relax and find that inner calmness that can make for quality learning to occur back in the classrooms.

With the busyness of modern life it is so important that students learn to ‘de-stress’ and be able to self-regulate.  Class room teachers are beginning to notice the effects of the sessions on their students especially in this area.

Parents are very positive with the introduction of LSG and certainly enjoyed the sessions with their children. This enabled parents to follow up on the processes and exercises their children were introduced to t each of the sessions with their instructor. There was overwhelming support from the parents in continuing the classes into the future.

Mrs Terri Patarson, Principal: St Kieran's Catholic Primary School, Manly Vale

I found the program was perfectly suited to the 7-8 year old age group with a mix of postures, games and meditation.  The children were re energized, calm and happy as a result of the class.  Thank you Stacy.

Mrs. Peters, St Kierans Catholic Primary

The children are settling more quickly and beginning to control their bodies for longer periods.  The relaxation at the end is very good for this group as it teachers them to be still and to unwind.  The content is very age appropriate.  The children like the stories in the relaxation session and getting them to repeat the poses works well. 

Thank you Faye for the excellent program with my year 2 class this term.  This class can be very unsettled and challenging and you have them organised and listening each week.  Your strategies are really what they need to learn to control their bodies and to play games fairly and whilst respecting others.

Ms Claudia Benitez & Mrs Shannon Parawa, St Pius

Thank you Faye for the excellent program with my year 2 class this term.  This class can be very unsettled and challenging and you have them organised and listening each week.  Your strategies are really what they need to learn to control their bodies and to play games fairly and whilst respecting others.

Ms Claudia Benitez & Mrs Shannon Parawa, St Pius

The children respond to the "listening" and 'respectful" hands. Chn. have been responding and listening more attentively. Their movements have become more deliberate

The program has been a wonderful experience for the children. They have become more aware of how their bodies can move whilst having fun.

Very dedicated and compassionate instructors. Explicit instructions whilst having fun


Ms Groome, Summer Hill Public School

Very dedicated and compassionate instructors. Explicit instructions whilst having fun. LSG has been a wonderful experience for the children. They have become more aware of how their bodies can move whilst having fun.   The children respond to the "listening" and 'respectful" hands. Children have been responding and listening more attentively. Their movements have become more deliberate

Ms Groome, Summer Hill Public School

Children are given time to reflect.

Wonderful program. Would love it every year. 

Ms Jenny Malliaras, Summer Hill Public School

My class has really enjoyed the program. It has had a calming effect on them and has helped to link in with meditation in our Religion program. The reflective component has linked well with out restorative behaviour policy. Thanks and i hope we see you again next year!

Ms Megan Guest, St. Pius

My class has really enjoyed the program. It has had a calming effect on them and has helped to link in with meditation in our Religion program. The reflective component has linked well with out restorative behaviour policy. Thanks and i hope we see you again next year!

Ms Megan Guest, St Pius

Fay was amazing and had amazing behaviour management strategies.

Ms Nicole Lebic, St Pius

Students are a lot more focused and calm during the lesson. The focus on listening skills is great for translating into the classroom.

Ms Rago, Five Dock Public School

Listening skills have improved and some students have learnt to show more self control when trying to be still. 

I think the activities are well suited to the students as they are always engaged.
I like that are range of skills and values are incorporated into the program e.g. listening skills, respect for others and themselves, meditation. 

Instructors are fantastic with the children. They are always respectful and have developed a positive rapport with them. 

Very happy with the program! The students enjoy it immensely and are learning a range of skills. 

Ms Renee Frazi, St. Pius

Very happy with the program! The students enjoy it immensely and are learning a range of skills. 

Ms Renee Frazi, St Pius

Excellent work by Tamsyn, thank you.  The children are more settled and relaxed after the lesson.  The children are easier to calm down using your strategies.

Ms Robyn Head, Vaucluse Public School

Thank you for providing well plan lessons every week. The students have enjoyed each and every week.

Ms Sarah Riley, Five Dock Public School

Faye is a fantastic teacher and Kindy have really enjoyed the sessions this term! Faye has great management skills and this is evident on how well the kindergartens have settled.

Ms Sarah Scarbrough, Ms Danielle Schembri, Ms Carina Settineri, St. Pius

My children are now more able to settle down to a task when reminded of their techniques. I now get the class  to lie down and  I get them to close their eyes and visualise what it is I’m saying. This is a great activity when my "Dynamic" class are restless.  I believe this program and the manner in which it was executed by Danni and Faye was excellent.

Ms Sue Bosler, Summer Hill Public School

The children were engaged at all times and all children enjoyed the program.  I recommend this to any primary aged child.

Ms Wagstaffe, Summer Hill Public School

The children were engaged at all times and all children enjoyed the program.  I recommend this to any primary aged child.

Ms Wagstaffe, Summer Hill Public School

The children have LOVED the Life Skills Group experience at Willoughby Public School. Thank you!



Ms. Mathews Willoughby Public School,

I would highly recommend this program to anybody wanting to learn breathing exercises and other techniques to relax and de-stress. A great program for students, especially highly strung students who need to be taught these skills to help improve concentration and social interactions.

Mythri Seneweera, Narre Warren South P-12

Children had better concentration and calmness.  The kinder girls loved each lesson with Faye.  Faye was always organised and enthusiastic during each lesson.  She catered for kindy extremely well.  Thank you.

Natasha Zivanovic, Loreto

The Kindergarten girls at Loreto Kirribilli loved their sessions each week.

Nikki was an amazing teacher. She taught us many different postures and we played lots of exciting games.

As the classroom teacher, I would recommend incorporating this program into the Personal Development/Health KLA as the benefits were amazing.


Natasha Zivanovic 

Natasha Zivanovic Loreto Kirribilli,

Participating in the Life Skills Group program with Nikki and her staff was a wonderful experience and a memorable addition to our PDHPE program for the year.

The program provided opportunities for the children to practice and refine their movement skills, further develop their balance skills and posture and to learn how to relax.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience, looked forward to it each week and most amazingly the few students, who were reluctant participants at first, quickly found that they enjoyed and valued the experience. Thank you Nikki! 

Nerida Ashcroft Morton Public School, Morton Public School

This program is of great benefit to students, particularly those who are beginning to understand the importance of stillness and calmness. I would recommend this program for a greater many people. It is important to remember to let the present wash over you. Every passing second is a new opportunity to alter your perspective.

Nic Carman, Princes Hill

The lesson was well prepared, had great resources and the class was very engaged in activities. The students learnt fantastic techniques to release stress and were exercising at the same time.
Great work, we had an awesome time.

Nick John, Alfords Point Public School

The students look forward to and enjoy all elements of the LifeSkillsGroup classes and are challenged with new focuses, weekly.

Nicole Manning, Forest Lodge Public School

Playground at lunchtime is quiet. 

Pam Buckle, Sutherland North Public School

Faye has high expectations of the students, which is very good. She spends time assisting them and praising them when they are doing something well. There is a lot of positive feedback which the students appreciate, for e.g. awards. Explanations were very clear and the students enjoyed many of the group activities.

Pat Scott, Our Lady of the Way

I am so glad my class had this experience and know that 100% of them thoroughly enjoyed it. It was great to see a couple of my more challenging pupils become accepted into the group and actually lose some of their inhibitions and become happy members of the group. I have no hesitation in recommending the program to all classes regardless of the dynamics of your class. 

Paul Gleeson, Marks Point Public School

The children have become more calmer and more engaged as the weeks progressed.  They get straight on their mats and follow instructions as the weeks progressed.

Penny Sklavounos, Five Dock Public School

PD has been very valuable for all of the staff, on a personal and professional level.  The sessions were well organised, practical, relevant and presented with a professional approach.  By delivering the PD into 2 sessions it gave the teachers a chance develop their own skills before learning new skills to bring into the classroom.  The staff feel very supported with the additional teachers resources online and the manual is so detailed with so many tools for their classroom.  All staff thought the PD program was very valuable and awesome.  Thank you Nikki and Marty.

Peter Cracknell, Leading teacher, Armadale Primary School

Thank you Tamsyn for making these sessions so enjoyable for the students. They exercised while having fun and extending their knowledge. The students really enjoyed the calming, reflective sessions at the end. You had a wonderful calm, strong and positive presence.

Rachael, Loftus Public School

Excellent behaviour management, positive reinforcement made lessons fun, great range of activites, values were inline with school values e.g. respect, care etc.

Rebecca Parsons, Peakhurst Public School

A fantastic program for younger children. Captures their imagination and engaged them whilst improving flexibility, body control and concentration.

Rebecca Singleton, Kearsley Public School

It's amazing to see the difference in my students' behaviour during the Life Skills Group sessions. They count the minutes until it is our turn again. 

Rebecca Taylor, Lugarno Public School

Greater awareness of posture and ability to sit still, respect and awareness of own body.

Rebecca Williment, Loreto

Fantastic staff that is professional and approachable. My students enjoy the range of activities provided and the relaxed environment.

A great way to start our day at school.

Renee Frazi , St. Pius

These lessons have been really great beneficial to all children and I would love to see them continue in the future. The teachers are calm and friendly in their interactions with all pupils and the children respond readily to their ideas and s ugges tions . 

Rhonda Frost, Marks Point Public School

It was fantastic over 2 terms. They were only just warming up for the first term and you could see how useful the second term was to cement their learning.

Robert Jackson, Vaucluse Public School

As the weeks passed, the children became more attentive and engaged in the class.
They also began to understand how to relax their bodies.

Rochelle Wuromus, Five Dock Public School

I think the various activities focused on many of our values and characters strength we are teaching through our Positive Education program. The girls displayed great strength, focus, and flexibility in the sessions, and I can see that it has done wonders for their confidence. The various activities required to girls to show persistence to achieve the pose, which was great to see.

Rosie Cluff, Loreto

The children learned to  listen to instruction and follow through, and were able to be  calm when necessary

Each activity was timed well and was engaging.

The children enjoyed working with Nikki.

Nikki was a fantastic teacher. She was sympathetic to the needs of KS and managed the class well. Thank you Life Skills Group for a fantastic term.

Rosie-Jane Stone, Randwick Public School

Children loved the session and were engaged in all activities.

Sally Campbell,

I am really impressed with the program and the enthusiasm and energy of the instructor. The program is very age appropriate. It is fun and engaging for children and helps to improve their strength and flexibility. The program also asks children to question how they are feeling after a session. 

Sally Medhurst, Vaucluse Public School

My class loved every lesson. They learnt many skills including listening techniques, relaxation and balance. I would love to see my class do the same program again next year. Thank you so much, it was fantastic!

Sarah Touchard, Dobroyd Point Public School,

Improved listening skills more focus. 

Sarah Whisker, Sutherland North Public School

An excellent program, the children really loved it. They actually felt a sense of calm, authentic relaxation, actual focus. Interesting and challenging stretches & movements. Also, being preps, they are very open to new experiences. They make no judgements so they take it nice and seriously with excellent guidance from the teacher (Sascha). The little games broke it up a bit - but not always necessary. They liked the strong poses as well with names such as: igloo, mountain, rock, butterfly, snake, lotus, seal etc. This was a good vocabulary development with the physical & visual poses. They seemed to remember them all. Thank you Sascha. You were truly professional and in tune with the kids! :-) 

Selena Long, Ripponlea Primary School

I did not attend all sessions, though the sessions I did observe were wonderful and students enjoyed the sessions (even if they were talking a lot).

Serina Wells, Narre Warren South P-12

Teachers received detailed assessments for reports. The children increased their skills in co-operation, balance, concentration and following instructions. Every one leaves feeling relaxed and calm including the teacher ! Faye was fantastic with all the children.

Simone Hirsh, Randwick Public School

An excellent way for the children to improve their strength, concentration and imagination.

Simone Pritchard, Illawong Public School

Life Skills Group is an amazing program, which was implemented by our school.

The activities are so unique, engaging and enjoyable, it was enjoyed by children and teachers alike.

A fantastic way to teach the PE content of the NSW syllabus within NSW primary schools.

Sonia Semenecz , Morton Public School

Danica is an amazing teacher and was really great with my class. They always enjoyed coming to the sessions. She knew my students really well and was always accommodating and aware of their needs and any behavioural issues

Sophie Draper, Illawong Public School

Life Skills Group was such a fantastic experience for our students to be involved in. They gained self-awareness as well as an understanding of the link between mind and body. I was amazed at how seriously all our students approached the program and the feedback from them has been outstanding. They have really looked forward to our session each week. 

Stephen Leeden, Moorabbin Primary School

Thank you so much Tamsyn for a fantastic term. It has been great seeing the students develop their skills and use them in the classroom and their everyday life. We will miss our Tuesday morning sessions :) 

Talia Butt, Vaucluse Public School

The students in my class become completely different when they go to the LSG program They are so eager to share what they learn and I often see them practising in the playground. They have become amazingly self-aware. Thank you!

Tara Chambers, Armadale Primary School

Each student found benefit from incorporating the program in their day and I truly believe each student took something from each session to help them start their week feeling calm, relaxed and refreshed! 

Tatum Fogarty, Narre Warren South P-12

The children and I really enjoyed this experience. Teachers were thoughtful and validating of the children (and me!).  

Teresa Ashton, Malvern Primary School

A wonderful course for all abilities. LifeSkillsGroup is always the highlight of 1B's week!

Thea Brash, Forest Lodge Public School

The students really enjoyed program this term.

It was the highlight of each week. It increased their concentration and confidence in class. It was great to see how the teachers catered for all the students individual needs.

Tina Cuddy, Marton Public School

“Our Life Skills Group school holiday workshop was fantastic.  I didn’t think the kids would remain engaged for a full hour, but they had so much fun.  The instructor was really enthusiastic and included games along with the program.  The result was a bunch of happy and slightly calmer children!  Thanks ”

Tracy Clifton, Youth Program Coordinator The Girls & Boys Brigade

Wonderful term of Life Skills Group. The sessions are a brilliant opportunity for students with special needs to have a meaningful physical education experience. Faye has been an outstanding instructor who understands how to maximise participation for students with autism, mild and moderate intellectual disabilities. I highly recommend her program to any special needs support unit.

Tyler Broyles, Five Dock Public School

An important life skill that all students should have the opportunity to experience.

Vanessa Ryan, St Keirans ,

Children have enjoyed the LSG sessions and look forward to them.  Staff have been very gentle with the children and related well to them.

Vicki Smith, Five Dock Public School

The LifeSkillsGroup program was excellent, offering the girls a new experience in which they were better able to appreciate the capabilities of their mind and body and the holistic benefits such exercise brings.

Virginia Ellis, Loreto Kirribilli

The girls are settled, they are more open to meditation and reflection.  Keep doing what you are doing.  You have a lovely but firm manner with the girls.

Virginia Greiner, Loreto

Students enjoyed games and appeared calm and relaxed during meditation.

Wendy Stanton, Lindfield East Primary