I have thoroughly enjoyed my time over the last three days. Faye was awesome and her enthusiasm made my experience wonderful. Would recommend to anyone. 

Bronwen Skinner


Teacher training was a fantastic experience. Teachers were very professional, friendly, informative and inspiring. Would highly recommend this course for anyone working with children.

Yvonne Timmins


I had a great time with Life Skills Group, learning all about kids yoga. As a yoga teacher with little experience working with kids, it was fantastic to bring my love and understanding of yoga to organising classes for kids and teaching kids. Another passion to add to the list!

Nicole Brun


I absolutely loved it!! I recommend any one that wants to become a yoga teacher to definitely come here. Great teacher :)

Justina Nini


Life Skills Group is achieving the goal of making children aware of health, fitness and wellbeing. Learning not only how to teach children these important skills but also making us aware as adults how to engage with children was an amazing insight. I am very thankful Nikki allowed me to learn so much about this over the past three days. It's something I will take with me through my life and use every day. So thank you :)

Carly Pointing


I feel very privileged to learn from such a talented group of teachers - to share their knowledge, experience and passion. I know I will return from this weekend with a renewed sense of energy and vitality. Thank you!

Bryony Marshall-Radcliffe


Thank you Nikki and Faye, they were three wonderful intense days with a lot of positive results - exercise, playfulness and relaxation.

Patricia Banos


Life Skills is a great program to teach kids self awareness, self worth, thoughtfulness and to help self regulate. 

John Clarke


I thoroughly enjoyed my time attending the Life Skills kids teacher training. I feel I now have the basic skills to commence teaching yoga to kids. Just as importantly (or if not more), I feel I have the confidence to go and give it a go due to all the practical work we did in the three days. I thoroughly recommend this course!

Georgie McGrillen


This is a great kids teaching training course which equips teachers with various methods of teaching kids and teens life skills. 

Nikki Donald


I highly recommend training with Yoga To Go Kids. The course was thorough and the atmosphere supportive, fun and challenging.

Lucy Walker


This training was fun, well structured and delivered. The teacher was really open, guiding and supported our learning in a lovely environment. Passionate teachers sharing their wisdom with love. Thank you so much!

 Julia Ward


Nikki brings decades of experience of working with children and shares it all with us generously. Thank you Nikki, you have opened my eyes and mind to a whole new world. I definitely want to continue on this journey and see where it takes me.

Sonya Furlong


A really fun and amazing learning experience. I've learnt a lot about working with children through yoga and it's benefits in a fun and comfortable environment, and I also learnt a lot about myself.

Michelle O'Donoghue


It’s an unbelievable experience from beginning to end. It’s an experience that has touched me and will stay with me.



I have done many training programs, yet what struck me with the Yoga To Go Kids training programs, was that Yoga To Go kids are out there every day, teaching 100’s of students on a daily basis.

Nikki has run a very large Yoga school in Sydney for over a decade. Her loving, yet firm and empathic nature allowed me to dig deep into myself and feel supported as I fumbled with being a Kids Yoga teacher.

We all had a lot of opportunities to practice our teaching and writing of sequences. The teaching feedback that was provided was invaluable and will stay with me for a long time.

Often in training programs you do a 10 minute joint teaching piece, and you are left wondering what you should be working on.

Not only was there a high level of professionalism, I felt that we were being trained with information that could not have been delivered with out the work that Yoga To Go kids has done and continues to do through out Australia.

I look forward to doing my assisting and getting a grasp of all the skills that have been taught as well as watching and learning from Senior Yoga To Go Kids Teachers.

Thank you.

Sarah Hill


We leave with an abundance of new skills and experience. We laughed, we cried we played.

We have all come back to a place in our self that is light, playful, creative a place of Freedom.

Nikki’s personal commitment and the Yoga To Go Kids program is an absolute gift to the education system.

Sally Paech


Nikki is a very real and open person, which allowed us to be the same. It was a wonderful honest and open environment to learn in. I felt very welcome, as did my whole family. It felt like we had been coming for years. It was informative, experiential and fun.

Kara Egerton


I knew nothing about the teacher training program before coming in to the training. I just felt it was right for me to attend. I was blown away by how much I learnt about myself as a person and how much I have reconnected with the child like aspect in myself. You become aware of many things that allow you to be truly who you are and live life with a much deeper meaning.



Come with an open heart and mind. Leave your adult self at the door. Prepare to have lots of fun.

Jill Greensmith Tucker


The teacher training with Nikki was so much fun! She is a very knowledgeable and experienced in teaching yoga to kids, and you can tell she truly loves her job. The manual we were provided has so many practical things, through out the training we di the games, practical sequences, guided meditations and we taught and got valuable feed back on our teaching skills and areas to watch. It really allowed every thing to absorb. I highly recommend this training to anyone interested in teaching kids yoga or even those who love yoga and have a kid.

If you want to find your inner child and embrace her beauty do the training.

Thy Nguyen


Let go of expectation

Let go of perfection

You can teach kids

And they will love you for who you are

With out having to pretend to be any thing other than yourself.

Angela Ketas


The Yoga teacher-training program was fun, informative and I left feeling inspired.

Nikki was loving, assertive and very open and generous of her knowledge. I learnt the more open, honest and natural you are with kids the more the class flows.

Carol Reed


More teacher training modules in schools need to include the fun and freedom of expression I experienced at the Yoga To Go Kids Training 

Faye John Hopkins


This course is compulsory if you want to teach kids yoga. It cuts through the serious stuff and turns it into age appropriate information for kids in a light playful manner that they get, they understand and they love.

Lillian Linsley


A really informative, enjoyable training program. I gained a wealth of information and tools to go out and teach yoga for kids, as well as thoroughly enjoying myself as well.

Christine Hair


Nikki you are amazing!

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, knowledge, practices and opening your heart to us.

You gave me honesty, support and encouragement to become a kids yoga teacher, with no ego!

Stacy Hall


Thank you for the support, thank you for believing in me.

Lauren Sheridan


I feel very grateful to have found Yoga to go Kids.  It has been a blessing experiencing both the pre-school and the Kindy to Tweens programmes and learning from such incredible teachers.

I have loved my first term assisting and I am constantly amazed at how well the children respond.  Even after just a few weeks, it's very clear to see positive changes in behaviours and practice.

Nikki and the Yoga to Go Kids team: THANK YOU!

Claire Gibbs


The Yoga to go Kids Kindy to Tweens training weekend was a wonderful, unforgettable experience.  Working with a group of beautiful women and children, I had the chance to observe all levels of experience and test out my new skills in a judgment - free environment. 

I would highly recommend this course to parents, yogis, teachers, pre-service teachers like myself, or anyone looking to share the joys of yoga with kids. Enjoy!!

Jordana Reid