Yoga To Go Kids Preschool Teacher Training

In-House training available for Child Care Centres.


“Healthy skills for life”

Our teacher-training program offers comprehensive, experiential based training. By sharing the magic of yoga with the youth of today, we are helping to shape the future.

Through the practice of postures, breathing, relaxation, games, visualization, song, dance, creativity, partner yoga, play and a huge amount of fun, we will journey back to a place in our hearts that we left long ago, reconnecting with our own child within.


The philosophy of Yoga To Go Kids: Optimal learning occurs when multiple learning styles are incorporated into teaching methodology.

We encourage an interdisciplinary approach that combines movement, skill development, visual and auditory stimulus and social interactions with movement, exercise, yoga and education as the foundation of our program.

Yoga comes to life in these fun, structured, progressive and creative classes designed to stimulate a young child’s growing curiosity.


  • Understanding the benefits of Yoga for children
  • Learn age appropriate, postures, breathing exercises, games, partner work, group work, relaxation, meditation, games, visualization, sequencing ideas and planning. We look very closely at what works and what doesn’t
  • Absorb the foundations of teaching yoga to kids
  • Learn how to bring discipline, fun, concentration, creativity and passion to every class that you teach
  • Learn contraindicated / indicated poses
  • Understand the importance of “fun” when teaching kids
  • Receive tools for creative class sequencing and structure, templates and designs for appropriate age groups
  • Participate in practical teaching components
  • How to teach relaxation to children 5 and under
  • Assess age appropriate child development - physical capabilities and how yoga can assist with development
  • Understand the challenges of teaching this age group and learn strategies for keeping their attention
  • Gain effective classroom management skills
  • Learn how to teach children with special needs
  • Create ways to build confidence, trust, teamwork, focus, concentration, and a sense of calm. Get kids to relax and develop self-control


  • Assists the development of strong, flexible, healthy growing bodies
  • Increased concentration, balance and body awareness
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Ignites creativity
  • Cultivates a peaceful, relaxed state of body and mind
  • Gives them tools for stress management
  • Education in anatomy, health and environmental awareness
  • Encourages social interaction
  • Exercise self-reflection and cultivates tolerance towards others
  • FUN, FUN, FUN 



  • A Yoga To Go Kids teaching manual for each module
  • Registration on our teacher training website
  • A Yoga To Go Kids certificate of completion
  • Suggested play lists for classes


Nikki is a self confessed kidult, who has taken her lifelong love of yoga into the world of children. Her energy, passion and enthusiasm afford her the innate ability to see and share the world with the lightness and playfulness of a child yet with the wisdom and maturity of a teacher.

Nikki has spent the last 10 years of her life sharing the amazing transformative benefits of Yoga with in her leading Sydney yoga school, Yoga to Go.

Now it is Australia’s leading company specializing in teaching curriculum based yoga programs in schools, after care centre’s, school holiday programs, pre school centre’s and studio kids classes. As well as running Kids Yoga teacher-training programs, Nikki has also taught extensively throughout the world, running retreats and workshops. Nikki has delivered numerous keynote addresses on healthy living, well-being and life balance particularly in the education sector and early childhood. She has had numerous articles published in newspapers, health and yoga magazines.

Nikki’s has over 20 years of Yoga experience; her first teacher-training program was through Yoga Arts in Byron Bay. She then went on to complete an apprenticeship under Alan Goode and became a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher. Nikki attended the Rainbow Kids teacher training and went on to be trained as a master teacher trainer by Gopola, Co - Director of Rainbow Kids.

Nikki is also the mother of two beautiful children; a teenage son and a ten-year-old daughter, with whom she has shared her love of yoga. Her yoga practice and the many roles she performs: mother, partner, company director, friend and daughter, combined with a lifetime of dedication and commitment to personal growth have been formative in developing Nikki’s teaching style.

She is excited to now offer her many years of experience, introducing the benefits of yoga to children throughout Australian communities.



To register please complete the following registration form and return to us at

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Please note that a $100 deposit is required on registration to secure your place.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 02 9818 6288 or via email at

For Interstate enquires please call 1300 889 018

Accommodation: If you are traveling from interstate please let us know.

We can help you find a host for the weekend.




It’s an unbelievable experience from beginning to end. It’s an experience that has touched me and will stay with me.



I have done many training programs, yet what struck me with the Yoga To Go Kids training programs, was that Yoga To Go kids are out there every day, teaching 100’s of students on a daily basis.

Nikki has run a very large Yoga school in Sydney for over a decade. Her loving, yet firm and empathic nature allowed me to dig deep into myself and feel supported as I fumbled with being a Kids Yoga teacher.

We all had a lot of opportunities to practice our teaching and writing of sequences. The teaching feedback that was provided was invaluable and will stay with me for a long time.

Often in training programs you do a 10 minute joint teaching piece, and you are left wondering what you should be working on.

Not only was there a high level of professionalism, I felt that we were being trained with information that could not have been delivered with out the work that Yoga To Go kids has done and continues to do through out Australia.

I look forward to doing my assisting and getting a grasp of all the skills that have been taught as well as watching and learning from Senior Yoga To Go Kids Teachers.

Thank you.

Sarah Hill


We leave with an abundance of new skills and experience. We laughed, we cried we played.

We have all come back to a place in our self that is light, playful, creative a place of Freedom.

Nikki’s personal commitment and the Yoga To Go Kids program is an absolute gift to the education system.

Sally Paech


Nikki is a very real and open person, which allowed us to be the same. It was a wonderful honest and open environment to learn in. I felt very welcome, as did my whole family. It felt like we had been coming for years. It was informative, experiential and fun.

Kara Egerton


I knew nothing about the teacher training program before coming in to the training. I just felt it was right for me to attend. I was blown away by how much I learnt about myself as a person and how much I have reconnected with the child like aspect in myself. You become aware of many things that allow you to be truly who you are and live life with a much deeper meaning.



Come with an open heart and mind. Leave your adult self at the door. Prepare to have lots of fun.

Jill Greensmith Tucker


The teacher training with Nikki was so much fun! She is a very knowledgeable and experienced in teaching yoga to kids, and you can tell she truly loves her job. The manual we were provided has so many practical things, through out the training we di the games, practical sequences, guided meditations and we taught and got valuable feed back on our teaching skills and areas to watch. It really allowed every thing to absorb. I highly recommend this training to anyone interested in teaching kids yoga or even those who love yoga and have a kid.

If you want to find your inner child and embrace her beauty do the training.

Thy Nguyen


Let go of expectation

Let go of perfection

You can teach kids

And they will love you for who you are

With out having to pretend to be any thing other than yourself.

Angela Ketas


The Yoga teacher-training program was fun, informative and I left feeling inspired.

Nikki was loving, assertive and very open and generous of her knowledge. I learnt the more open, honest and natural you are with kids the more the class flows.

Carol Reed


More teacher training modules in schools need to include the fun and freedom of expression I experienced at the Yoga To Go Kids Training 

Faye John Hopkins


This course is compulsory if you want to teach kids yoga. It cuts through the serious stuff and turns it into age appropriate information for kids in a light playful manner that they get, they understand and they love.

Lillian Linsley


A really informative, enjoyable training program. I gained a wealth of information and tools to go out and teach yoga for kids, as well as thoroughly enjoying myself as well.

Christine Hair