Teacher Masterclasses

Teacher Masterclasses

 Online Professional Development Masterclasses for Teachers

Give your students the tools they need to thrive in learning and life!


(All our Masterclasses are NESA Accredited)



Active Mindset: 

Learn how to nurture the physical awareness of your students and 
boost their learning potential.


Learn how to strengthen the ability of your students to self-regulate 
their thoughts, feelings and behaviours for enhanced learning 
outcomes and relationships that are more meaningful.


Learn how to support students to identify and understand their 
emotions in order to better self-regulate, self-manage and 
engage in positive relationships.

Empathy Mindset:

Strengthen  the empathy of your students and help 
them to communicate more effectively with people around them.

Resilience Mindset:

Learn how to foster the resilience of your students so that they will 
be able to navigate social and academic challenges more successfully.


Learn how to bring mindful practice to the lives of your students 
so that they will be equipped to reach their learning potential. 


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