Mindfulness in Action

Mindfulness in Action

In a series of interactive, progressive lessons, students develop their self-awareness and increase impulse control, focus and empathy. Mindfulness in Action utilises scientifically proven mindfulness techniques and effective pedagogical practices to teach students to pay attention to their experiences in a non-reactive way.

For secondary schools we can run either a 90 minute, half day or a full day program.

The outcomes of this kinesthetic program include:

  • Increased self-discipline, self-regulation and self-responsibility
  • Improved confidence, resilience and respectful behaviour techniques
  • Stronger interpersonal communication skills
  • Improved emotional responses to physical changes and peers
  • Increased balance, posture and flexibility
  • Stronger relaxation, mindfulness and visualisation techniques
  • Effective relaxation and mindfulness techniques

Our accredited Life Skills Group teachers deliver a dynamic format that encourages team participation and social cohesion with a huge amount of fun along the way!

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