Primary Skills

Primary Skills

Curriculum based PDHPE / SEL / Mindfulness / Wellbeing programs for public and private primary schools.

Our fundamental movement programs focus on physical, social, emotional and attentional self-regulating strategies and skills, developed to cultivate wellbeing, resilience and lifelong learning.

We run four primary school programs:

Healthy Skills for Life

Yoga to Go Kids

Tools for Transitions

Mindfulness in Action

Our programs teach students how to:

Build resilience

Develop self-regulation

Increase self-awareness

Practice positive relationship skills

Strengthen problem solving skills

All programs include:

  • Provision of fully screened, qualified and professional Life Skills Group teachers
  • Weekly awards and end of term certificates
  • Class plans, assessments and outcomes
  • Free family wellbeing day
  • Individual reports at end of term
  • Set up and supply of quality equipment
  • Professional development hours for your staff (BOSTES endorsed)

If you'd like to discover how our programs can be tailored to the children and staff in your school, please contact us or book your school now! 

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